Monday, 12 November 2012


It has been a wonderful autumn so far, with plenty of opportunities for walks and wonderful trees and foliage.  
A few days ago we went for a walk around Rhinefield Ornamental Drive, one of my favourite parts of the New Forest - I grabbed the opportunity to take some photos while the sun was shining.

I am linking this to Color Me Weekly and Mosaic Monday.


  1. What beautiful photographs. The light in the first one looks amazing through the trees.

    The leaves are stunning.

    Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons :)


  2. OH that light is incredible Diana. I love how it's filtering through all of the leaves especially on those ferns. Great water colour palette of colour too.

  3. Wow - they're so beautiful. The first one is just stunning, magical like a unicorn could be standing there or something!

  4. What beautiful photos, Diana. I think the beech is my absolute favourite tree - whatever time of year, its leaves filter the light in an amazing way. To me, one of the most beautiful sites on earth is a bluebell wood in spring, when the beech leaves are translucent and delicate, and then in the autumn, the colours are amazing. Funny how the beech is always the last to shed its leaves - the hedge dividing us from next door retains its autumn colours right up until the new growth pushes through! I love your palette of colours, too - closely observed, and amazing the colours that one wouldn't first notice - like grey.

    Thank you for your two lovely comments on my blog. I'm glad you like my Art Journal page. My grandfather also served in the trenches of WW1, with the Royal Engineers, and nearly lost his leg. His best friend was killed, and to the day he died, my grandfather had a framed photo of him by his bed. At the start of the war, he was posted to Dover Castle and given the unenviable task of wiring it for electricity - he always said he thought it would be no problem, until he realised the walls were 20 feet thick! When we went there a few years ago, I kept my eyes open for any antiquated-looking junction boxes etc. in case I could spot some of his handiwork!

    As for the Zentangles, it doesn't really take that much patience. There's a very relaxing, rhythmic quality to it, once you get stuck in, and it's extremely enjoyable to do. This is the "zen" angle to it, I believe (although I'm not really into that) - "freeing the mind." From such simple building blocks, amazingly complex-seeming results can come about. Every pattern has its "step-outs" which break it down into easy-to-do stages, and you get really professional-looking results as soon as you start! I'd say, definitely give it a try! The Tangle Patterns website is amazing for instructions for loads of different ones (link in my sidebar). With your artistic talent, you'd be producing stunning results in no time at all!


  5. They are gorgeous photos! I love it when the sun just brought out the best in everything..

  6. Your photos just transport me to the forest! How beautiful. I think that would be one of my favorite places, too.

  7. Oh I love the scene, but that single orange beautiful...ours are just about all gone on our 2 acres now~

  8. beautiful autumn colour and light. I love the orange leaf and the way you have splodged the colours on the pallet next to it. That's a neat trick - I will have to learn how you did that! Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for stopping by my blog the other day for Mosaic Monday.

  9. What stunning autumn photos! Wow, you captured the mood of this colorful season perfectly. Just beautiful. ~ kath