Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Blue and Green

My friend was having a clear-out and kindly gave me a bag of mixed green and blue beads.  I had forgotten how much I love this colour combination and decided to make an inspiration board from items around my studio.  

The jewellery is from a collection dating from around the 1920's, of real butterfly wings mounted under crystal and set in silver.  The wings are from the Blue Morpho - a very large butterfly that lives in tropical rainforests.  Their vivid iridescent blue is breathtaking - I have been unable to resist collecting it whenever I can.  There was a resurgence of butterfly wing jewellery in the 1950's but I think I prefer the style of the older stuff.    

I now have a few ideas for a new piece of artwork using these wonderful colours - it might involve butterflies! 

Sunday, 28 August 2011

'Velvet Moths' Exhibition

 'Moth House 1'  Mixed media collage

'Moth House 2'  Mixed media collage

I just love moths. Well, moths, butterflies, bees, cicadas, birds - anything that flies really.  I have been putting together a body of work that encapsulates my love of moths.  The work explores the balance between the elusive, ethereal qualities of the creatures and the desire to capture and possess them.  

I have a large collection of dead things - or should I say things that were already dead when I found them: bees, may bugs, beetles, moths etc - and I use them as inspiration in my work.  I don't hold with killing creatures for the sake of it, but I totally understand why Victorians collected trays and trays of butterflies, moths, and insects. I'm glad they did, but I'm also glad that it is no longer acceptable as a hobby today. However, the desire to possess them is as enticing to me as looking in a jewellery shop window might be to others!  

I am exhibiting my work at Hangar Farm Arts Centre, Totton, Hampshire SO40 8FT, from September 14th to October 7th