Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Lino Printing and WOYWW

And before I know it two weeks have passed me by and I don't know where they've gone!  My desk is still pretty much unreachable due to sorting and organising - I've started on my degree portfolios now so an awful lot of huge A1 sized stuff is everywhere and my plan is to halve the volume of it all - I'm in a ruthless mood so it should work!
I managed to rescue some lino cutting tools and inks and brought them down to the calm of the dining table to cut and print a birthday card and gift box for my youngest nephew who has just turned 16 - he's into guitars as you might have guessed!

I'm linking up with Julia over at WOYWW this week.

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Blue and White Shells

 I'm linking up with WOYWW today.  My desk is unreachable at the moment due to the fact I've emptied out the eaves cupboard that runs the full length of my room - it's full of overflow art and craft stash, and stuff I might need one day! 
However, I have a jar full of shells in the bathroom and a pile of paper napkins in the dining room so in between the horrendous task of re-organising that is going on upstairs, I've been playing nicely downstairs! 
I have wanted to have a go at decorating shells for a long time - they often crop up on Pinterest and after a few disasters I was quite surprised at how good they look from a distance - a bit shoddy close up but I blame the glue!
I finished them off with an 18kt gold leafing pen - it was an expensive indulgence that I don't regret at all as the quality of the gold is lovely. 

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Black, White and One Other Colour

It has been such a sad week, hearing the loss of Shaz Silverwolf, and I am sending love and hugs to all the deskers who are feeling heavy of heart this morning.

I have done a little crafting this week, having been inspired by the current
   Tag Tuesday challenge to use black, white and one other colour only.  I decided to add bright green to the mix. 

I quite liked the colour combo so I used it to make a little Valentine card for 
the Hubs. 

I'm linking up with Julia over at WOYWW 


Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Lino Cutting and a Shed!

 This is my desk just as it was yesterday afternoon, as I frantically printed a lino cut that I had made for my brother-in-law's birthday.  
He has a new shed/workshop, which is his pride and joy and also his sanctuary, complete with wood burning stove - hence the chimney on the shed roof.

I'm linking up with Julia over at WOYWW this week.
I'm also sending love, gentle hugs and positive thoughts to dear Shaz Silverwolf.


Wednesday, 3 February 2021

A Tag with a Photo

 Tag Tuesday has recently been giving me the inspiration to do some 
arty crafty stuff.  This weeks tag incorporates a photo that I took years ago, with proper old fashioned film, in the days when you took one photo of something and hoped for the best!
 The dew drops on the cobwebs are replicated in the threads and clusters of clear glass beads that I sewed on to it.  I used my very small collection of Distress Oxides for the background as I wanted it soft and muted, not sure it worked but it did confirm my long held suspicion that I don't like Oxides very much!!

I'm linking up with Julia over at WOYWW.


Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Fairy Garden Tag

 Sitting on my desk today is a tag - yes, a little bit of creativity has happened!
 I noticed the latest theme for Tag Tuesday is 'Fairy Garden' and that gave me the inclination to make a tag! It also meant I could use a little Lavinia fairy stamp that hasn't seen the light of day since I purchased it for a very specific project that I then never got round to doing! 

I am linking up with Julia over at WOYWW this week.

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

What was on my desk before Christmas!

 Wednesday disappeared from my life last week,  somehow I skipped from Tuesday to Friday!  I've been busy selling my painted bobbins but haven't done any arty craft stuff for the last couple of weeks, so I'm showing some things that were sitting on my desk just before Christmas but I couldn't show them then -  I stole a rock from my sister's front garden and painted it for her as a Christmas present!  

And this is a gift I made for a friend - a bundle of cards she can use throughout the year.  They are individually on my Tags and Cards board on Pinterest for anyone who would like a closer look!

I'm linking up with Julia over at WOYWW this week. 
 Despite restrictions I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year,
and are staying safe and well.  

Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Christmas Gift Boxes and WOYWW

 The Christmas preparations are done - the last of the cards and tags have been made and presents posted, and I've just finished two little gift boxes for my brother-in-law and nephew.   Now I just have to remember to put the gift card and cash in them, or that could be embarrassing!

I'm linking up with Julia over at WOYWW this week.

I hope you all have a happy, safe and creative festive season, and here's hoping 2021 will be a kinder year to us all.