Wednesday 19 June 2024

Garden Shadows

 I've been working on a few mini collages based on shadows and shapes around my garden at dusk - always one of my favourite times of the day in the summer.  My garden is on two levels and has steps to the top garden but also lots of smaller steps from one area to another, little walls, and lots of paths - a great variety of shapes and textures to work with! These little collages are approximately 2 inches square, and after staining the backgrounds I added hand embroidery and collage papers, finishing off with gold leaf which I discovered is very tricky to attach to fabric!  

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Wednesday 22 May 2024

Embroidery and WOYWW

I've recently been making a few cards and enjoying the process of dyeing the backgrounds and embroidering the flowers - it's very relaxing.

A while back I came across a holder for embroidery thread bobbins and decided it would be ideal to separate and hold the colours I was currently working with. I just couldn't justify the rather high price of it so the Hubs made one for me - it does the job and keeps the spools tidily in one place while I'm working.   This holds 7 bobbins - a perfect size as I rarely need that many at a time, and I also didn't want it to take up too much room on my desk. 

After 15 years of running WOYWW, Julia has decided to pass the baton on to Sarah.  A big thank you to Julia for all the wonderful work she has done keeping the blog hop up and running for so long - she's done a tremendous job but is now off enjoying a well deserved Wednesday rest and new directions.  So hello to Sarah, and an appreciative thank you for deciding to keep this group going!  
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Wednesday 27 March 2024

Collages and Stitch

This week I've been keeping the creativity going and out of the prompt jar came the theme of Samplers and the colour Orange.  I chose to do a different embroidery stitch on each little collage square, and I'm using bits of dress pattern and some vintage embroidery transfers that I've had for absolutely ages! Still a few squares to go, and in case anyone is wondering what the sellotape is for, I use it to hold down the threads on the back when starting and finishing, instead of using bulky knots.

 My prompts are written on different colours of paper to depict themes, colours and techniques.  I haven't used the technique prompts yet, they are an extra help if I feel uninspired!  I know a couple of people have wanted to know what my prompts are so for anyone interested here are the lists.

Themes: birds, tree houses, seasons, landscapes, maps, text, gardens, samplers, beach, shadows.
Colours: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, neutrals, pink, grey, turquoise.
Techniques: tissue paper, wax, metallic, stencils, teabags, stitch, watercolour, pastel/chalk, photographs, die-cuts

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Wednesday 6 March 2024

Mini Collages

I have recently been making little collages and have found them very enjoyable to do and also quite addictive.  To get myself organised I decided to make some grid stencils.  It's something I was taught to do in an art class many moons ago at college, and it's a useful way of displaying small samples of textiles, textures, techniques and so on.
These are A4 and fit my sketchbook perfectly - it's neater and quicker than trying to approximate the grid squares or re-measure each time. I made several different sized grids and the effort it took to work out the measurements and cut them out is more than worth it!

This week I picked the words 'Maps' and 'Turquoise' from my prompt jar and have spent a little time each day putting ideas down onto the collage grid.  

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Wednesday 28 February 2024

Kickstarting Creativity!

 Making small collages for the last couple of weeks has been a good way to kickstart my creativity.  However, sometimes I struggle with what to do with the blank piece of paper in front of me - so I've come up with a prompt jar.  I've written colours and themes on different coloured paper squares and I can dip in and get a starting point for my next collages.  I've thrown a few 'techniques' into the mix as well in case I'm really stuck!
This week I picked out 'yellow' and 'tree houses'.  The combination didn't exactly thrill me and I was tempted to re-pick, but that's not really in the spirit things.  I also felt week one was a little early to give up on the idea, so I went with it and started enjoying myself!

12 little squares being worked on - a mix of home made collage papers, some wrapping paper and a few old postage stamps thrown in - and a bit more of an emphasis on ladders than I was expecting!

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Wednesday 21 February 2024

Mini Grid Collages

 I decided to try and kick start some creativity this week by creating a grid of 6 little collages.  I was recently inspired by Angela (@Felix the Crafty Cat) to make my own collage papers.    It's been fun and quite addictive - I'm already planning my next lot of collages! 

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Wednesday 17 January 2024

Silver Acorns

In my previous post I showed some silver pendants in production stage that I was making for Christmas presents, and here they are finally finished - all given and well received!   The tiniest one was very fiddly, it's only about half an inch long but it was for my sister to wear alongside an oak leaf that I had made for her a while ago.

Sitting on my desk this week are some prints that I did at a photo printing workshop several years ago.  I brought them home and promptly lost them - it's always niggled me that I never knew what happened to them.  Well this week  they fell out from between the pages of one of my old craft books that I apparently don't look at very often!  They aren't as nice as I remembered - the more frustrated I got at losing them the nicer they became in my mind!!
I can't remember how we made them but it involved real leaves, photo paper and plenty of shaving foam and sudacreme!  Now I'm sitting looking at them wondering if I could use them for anything - the mind is a blank at the moment!

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Wednesday 20 December 2023

Silver Pendants and WOYWW

 It's been such a long time since I blogged and I don't even have the excuse of having moved over to Instagram!  I've just been unmotivated and rather preoccupied with other issues and I've really not been in the right frame of mind for being creative.  However I couldn't give Christmas a miss, so lately a little crafting has been happening.  I made some silver pendants last week, the ones at the front of the block are white because that's how they come out of the kiln - they need to be wire brushed to bring the shine up like the two at the back, and then they all need to be sanded and polished.

The one at the back of the block I made for myself, from a mold I made of a lump of quartz rock. I finished it last night with some green onyx stones (right-hand photo) and it will match perfectly with a favourite winter top of mine. The smaller pendants are Christmas presents - it won't take long to polish them and add a jump ring to the smallest one.  I'm going to have a go at soldering the jump ring closed if I can - it's not something I've ever done before but I've seen the Hubs soldering and it doesn't look that difficult!

    Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.

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