Wednesday, 20 February 2019

A Little Arched Spring Garden

 I'm definitely in the mood for Spring so here is a little arched garden using my favourite TH die.  I've not used these multi-coloured gold flakes much but I rather like them on this - it reminds me of hints of blossom appearing on the trees.  I'm thinking I should have added a bit more but I'm trying hard to curb my habit of over-egging the cake!!

I'm linking up with Julia over at WOYWW this week.  I also would like to apologise for not getting back to everyone who left messages - I truly appreciate you taking the time to visit and leave kind comments but with a combination of continuing broadband problems and also several commitments the week just ran away with me!

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Silver Jewellery Making

 I've recently discovered the joys of working with silver clay!  Basically it's a clay made of silver particles plus a binder, so you work with it like clay and then when it's fired the binder burns off and you are left with pure silver. 
I've been on a couple of fantastic courses lately, the ammonite pendant was made with Hilary Bowen back in November and I was so thrilled with the whole experience that I was given some clay for Christmas and made the two leaf pendants at home - there is some room for improvement in them but I love wearing them and imperfections are all part of the 'hand-made' look!  Last Saturday I went on another fabulous course with the lovely and super-talented Fiona Ingram who helped me turn my own design into a one-off piece of jewellery with gorgeous shades of autumn colours on the berries - it was such a fun day.   

I'm relieved to say I'm linking up with Julia over at WOYWW this week as I've had such horrible and seemingly never-ending computer problems lately.  We had a major crash during a Windows 10 update then big problems while changing our Broadband supplier - soooooo frustrating and quite an eye opener discovering how much I rely on my computer and how much I missed it!