Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Lino Printing and WOYWW

And before I know it two weeks have passed me by and I don't know where they've gone!  My desk is still pretty much unreachable due to sorting and organising - I've started on my degree portfolios now so an awful lot of huge A1 sized stuff is everywhere and my plan is to halve the volume of it all - I'm in a ruthless mood so it should work!
I managed to rescue some lino cutting tools and inks and brought them down to the calm of the dining table to cut and print a birthday card and gift box for my youngest nephew who has just turned 16 - he's into guitars as you might have guessed!

I'm linking up with Julia over at WOYWW this week.

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Blue and White Shells

 I'm linking up with WOYWW today.  My desk is unreachable at the moment due to the fact I've emptied out the eaves cupboard that runs the full length of my room - it's full of overflow art and craft stash, and stuff I might need one day! 
However, I have a jar full of shells in the bathroom and a pile of paper napkins in the dining room so in between the horrendous task of re-organising that is going on upstairs, I've been playing nicely downstairs! 
I have wanted to have a go at decorating shells for a long time - they often crop up on Pinterest and after a few disasters I was quite surprised at how good they look from a distance - a bit shoddy close up but I blame the glue!
I finished them off with an 18kt gold leafing pen - it was an expensive indulgence that I don't regret at all as the quality of the gold is lovely.