Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Christmas and WOYWW

 This week has been void of crafty stuff I'm afraid.  Both of us have been fighting a bug of some kind (not Covid) and are now thankfully feeling much better, but it meant there was no enthusiasm or energy for pretty much anything!

So here's a festive photo and a lot of warm wishes to everyone to have a happy and peaceful Christmas - stay safe and well. 

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Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Christmas Preparations

 It finally happened last week - I was wondering when I'd feel the panic coming on and sure enough I went to bed last Tuesday feeling fine and woke up last Wednesday hardly able to believe I was half way through December and nothing had been done.
Consequently the following 5 days were spent planning and making Christmas cards, gift boxes and tags, putting up the trees and decorations and Christmas shopping (the safer way, on the internet!).
I am confident my nephews and brother-in-law will not be looking at my blog any time soon - in fact, I'm not sure they even know I have one, so I'm safe to show the gift boxes I made for their cash and gift cards.

And now the boxes are sitting on my desk waiting to be filled and the cards are nearly all written.  
Gosh, that feels good!


I am linking up with Julia over at WOYWW this week. 


Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Collage - Image Pairings

In between making a small handful of Christmas cards this week I've continued with Challenge 6 in the Collage Workbook, which is called Image Pairings - to cut an image in half and use each half in a separate and distinctly different collage.
I chose the image of the birds hovering over the sea, and found the collages weren't as distinctly different as I had imagined they would be!  However, it was an enjoyable little project.

Together you can see the continuation of the main picture.

I have also been playing about with some more collages - not quite in the order of the book but I suddenly had an idea and had to act on it!  This one is about peeling back the layers to reveal what's underneath - quite a messy process!

I'm linking up with Julia over at WOYWW this week.