Wednesday, 15 January 2014

WOYWW - 241

   It has been quite a long time since I participated in WOYWW and to be honest I have an ulterior motive for joining in today.  For the last few months my desk has been pretty much the same each week - nothing but unfinished and ready to be started projects. 
 New Year - new resolutions - new me!  I have decided to shame myself into getting off my backside and completing some of these things!

The clock case was a bargain I couldn't resist - it's going to be sanded, painted, distressed, shelves added, spires replaced, plain glass in top and bottom of door (I don't think the hubs has realised the extent of his role in this project yet), and then it will become a delightful little cabinet for curios.  Well, that's the plan!
The pumpkins have been waiting since last October to be primed and painted in shades of  olive, grey and black.  The idea is to sit them on some lovely little candlestick holders in time for next Halloween, or the one after that!
  I actually completed the smaller Halloween banner (the larger one is only half done) and threaded it with a bright orange ribbon - all I have to do is re-thread it with a much nicer black ribbon - so far I've spent 10 weeks thinking about doing it!  

Why not take a wander over to WOYWW and see What's on other people's Work desks this Wednesday!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Focus on Life - Silhouettes

I don't quite know where the last week has gone but here we are again for the Focus on Life challenge!  The subject is silhouettes and although I'm not sure if it fully meets the criteria it is about as silhouette-like as I could manage!
I added sepia tones and resisted the strong temptation to lighten it!   

I have posted another two versions of the same image on my blog over at 
Velvet Moth Photography if you fancy a look - I'd love to know which you prefer!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Focus on Life - Week 1

Happy New Year to you all!
I have dusted off the camera and decided to take up the weekly Focus on Life challenges over at the wonderful Studio Sublime this year.  My commitment wavered greatly last year, although I really enjoyed taking part.  Confidence, mojo, inspiration, call it what you will, seemed to completely abandon me and I've had great difficulty trying to get it back!
Anyway, here is my offering for week 1 - the subject is minimalist.
I love shells and this one looked empty so it came indoors to be added to my collection - until I found the occupant slithering across my computer desk, slightly traumatised but still in one piece!