Wednesday, 9 September 2020

A Bag for a Flower Press and WOYWW

  My microwave flower press has been sitting on a shelf in it's original cardboard box for years, the box is not only falling to pieces but is also rather unattractive in colour and design, so in my quest to 'pretty up' the book shelves I decided to make a little padded bag for it. 
Oh my goodness, I really could have done with Lunch Lady Jan on hand  - I thought it would be straight forward but what a complicated business!
I made the entire padded shape beautifully, got ready to turn it inside out and realised the wadding would be on the outside!  That was discarded and I started all over again.  This time I made it successfully but when I folded it up to make the bag shape I realised if I stitched the sides together and turned it inside out I'd lose width, and the fold over flap would be too wide and ruckle up.  So I hand stitched it down each edge and although it's not very neat, I can live with it!
Oh and I used up more scraps of fabric so extra points awarded for stash busting!


I'm linking up with Julia over at WOYWW this week.