Wednesday, 1 February 2012


 This weeks Tag Tuesday theme is Lace.
I ended up making two because I wasn't too happy with the first one.  As a lace-maker myself I know the effort and time it takes to make one small piece of lace so I find it quite hard to cut it up!
I tried to create these tags using textures to represent lace, such as the skeleton leaf and the dragonfly wings on the stamp.

For this tag I stamped a lace pattern on the basic tag, and added a skeleton leaf, some antique paper punched with holes to give a lacy look and a small piece of hand made lace with a butterfly motif.  The small moth and label were cut from an old print.

For this tag I used a glassine envelope that I had pierced to create a holey/lacy effect, a beautiful British stamp with a dragonfly on it and some small scraps of hand made lace that were already cut up.  I used Sticky Fixers to create depth to the envelope and placed them under the glassine envelope to lift it from the tag slightly, and behind the stamp to give it depth.

I'm now busy working on next weeks tag and can't wait to see what everyone else is posting on the Tag Tuesday Blog (there's a link to it on the right).


  1. Hi Di, How kind of you to visit my blog I just joined you as a follower, Your tags are Amazing and beautiful, tag Tuesday is a wonderful creation I am so glad I joined to have this opportunity to meet lovely blogger's like yourself, Hugs May x x x x

  2. Love them both cant decide which I like best they are both so delicate and beautiful x