Tuesday, 28 February 2012


This week's theme for Tag Tuesday is Books. 
I love books, I have a house full of them and I'm an avid reader, but it was so hard choosing how to represent this week's challenge.
Eventually I decided on two books but with one theme.  The first book being 'The Samurai's Garden by one of my favourite author's Gail Tsukiyama, and the second being 'Memoirs of a Geisha' by Arthur Golden.  

These tags represent The Samurai's garden.  I embossed a blossom image on velvet and covered a tag with it.  I sewed beads on a smaller tag, in a swirly pattern and added embossed velvet, also in a swirly pattern, to represent the raking of sand and fine gravel in a Japanese garden. I attached this smaller tag to the larger one with a ribbon.  On a separate tag I transferred Japanese text to it and then cut out part shapes of blossom and branches, and folded them back slightly.  I edged the petals in silver and sewed beads into the centre of the flowers. 

These tags represent 'Memoirs of a Geisha' and I used two beautiful Japanese stamps I had in my stash.  I transferred Japanese text to each tag and attached the stamps.  The purple 'bamboo' is cut out of card, marked with ink along the stalks and threaded through a coin made of embossed velvet.  The green 'bamboo' stalks are thin strips cut from paint sample cards, and they are threaded through a brass charm.

I had so much fun embossing on velvet - when I just want to 'play' in my studio I often settle down to embossing velvet for different projects.
I promise you it's the MOST fun you will ever have with an iron!

Here are some brief instructions from threads magazine.  More detailed information can be found at
(Check it out first as some velvet and stamps aren't suitable) 

See - it's easy!


  1. What an interesting technique, I have not heard of that before.I have been looking back at your tags they are all beautiful. I particularly like the one with the moth and the little red heart.

  2. Wow, Diana, there's so much thought put into your tags, and so much detail. They're just beautiful. And I'm definitely going to try the embossed velvet, I didn't know it could be done...

  3. Hi I popped over from Tag Tuesday after seeing your tags, they are lovely. Im keen to try out the velvet embossing again, I did a little sample at college which wasnt very successful, thanks for the link to more info on that and your little tutorial. Looking forward to seeing more of your tags. Yvonne x

  4. Diana, these tags are nothing short of exquisite. Your ability to think outside the box astounds me! Using the paint samples cut into strips was an inspiration, and as for the embossed velvet, I've never seen that done and it's gorgeous - you can do the same with angelina fibre over a rubber stamp too, which is very nice. Your interpretation of a Japanese garden is spot on. You have captured the serenity and beauty in a couple of stones. Gorgeous, gorgeous subtle colours. Fantastic.


  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I'm definitely going to try this - am pinning this page so I don't lose it :)

  6. Such a great technique! Love this idea! Will keep it in mind for future projects.

  7. Oooooohh just came over to find out about embossing velvet - WHAT a fabulous technique!! TFS :o) Annie C