Wednesday, 25 April 2012


On my work desk this week is a beautiful book on Pollen - a strange subject, I know, but I have been fascinated with pollen and have been including references to it in my work for a long time.
I have been working on several sketches and using the book as inspiration.   

Images from 'Pollen' by Rob Kesseler and Madeline Harley

 I LOVE using Winsor and Newton drawing inks but they aren't colour fast/permanent for display purposes so I only use them in sketchbooks - they are so vibrant.

Not sure where this is going - I might use it as a basis for another piece of work.  I love cutting up 'disasters' and re-using them!

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  1. No, it's ok - I completely understand your fixation with the pollen. I think it's because under the microscope, the pure and simple form and pattern comes to the fore...and I love pattern more than anything else...celtic knotwork, zentangle and steampunk cogs/gears etc. BTW I cannot tell you how much I adore the steampunk moth on your previous is stunningly beautiful. I love the body, the moon, the colours..everything (sorry, I'm sounding like a mad stalker or something here!!) It is gorgeous..
    Hugs, LLJ #33 xx
    PS I could see you as Batgirl, maybe :)

  2. I ignored number 790 for I am working my way backwards form my post - however I will probably forget and do a comment on the mispost too! cos that's what I am like,

    your pollen inspired sketchbook work is beautiful, I love it when something grabs a person and gives them ideas - to me that is an example of a true artist's eye -
    dx @98

  3. thank you for the look around your crafting space today

    vicky #104 woyww
    Ps I also have saturated canary candy on my blog

  4. Hi Diana - just had a quick snoop around your earlier posts - what fab work. I love the moth page and those fab flower tags. Congrats on your marriage too - how lovely. x Jo

  5. I think your work is gorgeous, and LLJ is right, the images under microscope are just amazing. Enjoy your journal and thanks for sharing. Helen #22

  6. I love those pages, I certainly don't think they are a disaster, that's gorgeous art work that could be used :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx #75

  7. I can understand your fascination with pollen.... it's beautiful.

  8. I didn't realise pollen looked so amazing up close. I can see that book being very inspiring.
    Laura 111

  9. Pollen makes me sneeze and gives me serious allergy problems, not a great topic for me. Happy crafting anyway.

    Eliza #26

  10. Happy Wednesday!
    Wow.....I never would of thought of pollen....awesome concept...and pretty to boot, (I guess if you had allergies it wouldn't


  11. Hi Diana,
    That is a beautiful book you have there. I hope you get lots of inspiration from it. Like Doone commented its great when something grabs yours interest.
    I look forward to seeing what emerges.
    Best wishes
    Lynn 31 xx
    One I Made Earlier Today

  12. Interesting book. When I photograph my flowers I am always amazed by the pollen when I upload the photos.

  13. I have to say that is a first... a fascination with pollen! However, I can totally get that when you see it up close and personal as in the book. Love the vibrant colors in sketch book!
    Happy WOYWW! Warmly, Tracy #100

  14. Wow didn't really pollen was so er interesting!! Fantastic shapes and colours. Happy WOYWW Cindy #43

  15. Who knew all those things that make us sneeze are really so lovely? Your tags and page are wonderful as well!
    Happy WOYWW

  16. I'll probaby do as Donna said a go to your wrong post, as I don't always read whats there! Love the Pollen pictures, they really are of another world! Thank you for my snoop! Have a lovely crafty week! Happy WOYWW!
    Late this week! #102 arrrrghhh!!! third try on the code

  17. Wow, how interesting! Gotta love a woman who's developed a fascination with pollen! And I had no idea how beautiful pollen could be - it's just always been something that's periodically made my life hell in the spring. They look like something that lives deep under the sea, or on another planet...hmmm, now I think I have yet another book to add to my list...

  18. That is really cool! What amazing photos. I admit, pollen and I have somewhat of an antagonistic relationship. But I can certainly see why it would be so inspiring when you see it up close and in vibrant color!

    1. Amazing pollen - and have also snooped round your blog, lovely work.

      Belated Happy WOYWW. Di xx

  19. Well I wouldn't have gone looking for it, but if I'd stumbled over it, the Pollen book would certainly inspire me - the colours are the pink 'ring' that you're repeating there. I like the honesty of the drawing inks too - they've never been permanent and I kinda admire W&N for not trying to change them..Iknow there are other products, but the temptation to try and get all the properties into one ink must be quite high given the sise of the market that is attempting just that.

  20. Super pollen pics, love the close magnification images! Take care, enjoy this WOYWW, am working my way through the list in shifts! Zo xx 77

  21. I have always been interested in Pollen and Virus photos since I took Microbiology years ago. They make beautiful photographs when magnified so closely! Love it! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #41

  22. What an interesting idea and from what I can see your work inspired by it looks amazing!
    Hope you are having a good WOYWW, sorry I'm a bit late

  23. Now here is some pollen that I can like! I can see your fascination with the photos of pollen. They are very interesting and almost otherworldly. That real pollen, you just take that stuff outside! Ugh. I love your sketch work of the pollen. Those blues with the bright pink circles--truly amazing.

  24. Your sketchbook-pages are beautiful!

    Susan nr 92 WOYWW

  25. It's always so interesting what inspires people in their art but I can honestly say I've never heard of pollen before. Although I can fully understand it, those pictures on your desk look amazing as does your artwork.
    Happy Crafting and Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #74

  26. Wow! Pollen really is beautiful up close. Not so much in my nostrils! Isn't it amazing where we find inspiration? And it's so different for each of us.
    Thanks for sharing your desk and a little of your life!
    Lisa #93

  27. I also have a thing for pollen, its called severe allergies. LOL
    Your artworks are beautiful.
    Happy belated WOYWW

  28. Gorgeous artwork, Diana! I love your journal pages. I haven't tried the W&N drawing inks but my hubby is giving me a beautiful set of Derwent Inktense pencils for my birthday later this month - can't wait to get going on them!! I'm signing up to follow your blog - it's brilliant. So inspirational!