Monday, 26 November 2012


Our garden has been full of sparrows lately - we are filling up the bird feeders daily, and it's lovely to see them.  They are such sweet little birds and with their numbers declining I am so pleased we seem to have a permanent group living near us.

I am linking up with Color Me Weekly and Mosiac Monday.

For Tag Tuesday the last two weeks themes were 'Sepia' and 'Music'.
Here are my two offerings:

 For the theme sepia I decided to look through some old photos that have passed down through the family to me, and I came across this one - the couple have been in our family for years but I don't know who on earth they are!  I think the girl was a childhood friend of my father, which puts this photo in the 1940's, which also ties in with her dress style.  I was intrigued about what their situation was - is he going away, has he just got back home, is it war time.  I've never been able to throw the photo away in case I ever found out anything about them.
I liked the idea of him being away from her and carrying a memento - did he have a lock of her hair or a scrap of a letter - I've collected little precious pieces and clipped them in front of the photo.

This tag represents the theme music.  I distressed and stamped a background pattern onto a manila tag and a scrap of sheet music.  I added some lace and what should have been two Song Thrushes - however, I had to use artistic licence as these are Field Fares!


  1. I love your mosaics Diana.... sparrows are so sweet aren't they? It's fun to see them have their little dust baths.

    Love the tags too..... I'm a family photo keeper as well! I could never discard any! Great details on the tags, the little birds are perfect.


  2. Beautiful work Diana. How nice that you have so many feathered friends around your garden. Mum said hers have all disappeared.
    Lynn x

  3. It's nice to see a photo of a sparrow, they are so often overlooked! I absolutely love your mosaic and tag. I wonder if anyone will recognise the couple in the photo!
    Jane x

  4. Well, Diana, it's Mutual Admiration Time! Your work is nothing short of outstanding... I just love, love, love these tags... The first one is so full of mystery, and one can weave a story around the unknown figures, and the tiny fragments of memorabilia. How did you achieve the delicious peeled effect on the tag? Fabulous! Like you, I have been enjoying sorting through old family photos lately and I keep getting the phrase "When you remember, time stands still" which I am going to incorporate into my new mini-album.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment about that - I am so glad you like what I am doing. The papers are just gorgeous - so vintage, and so appropriate for my Dad with his love of clocks and music. Paper bag albums are brilliant but it's really hard to source the bags here in the UK. I'm awaiting a parcel of Goodies over the next few days - some embellishments (Tim Holtz) for my album, to extend the timeless vintage theme.

    I adore your colour palettes! The subtle browns and greys in this week's one are beautiful. It really makes one observe the colours around us, doesn't it. We have sparrows too, and I love watching all the birds come to our feeders outside the patio doors.


  5. I love these colours together, such rich earth tones, yet subtle enough, not to take over anything, where they show up~ Lovely post as always. Happy day to you~

  6. We've loads of those little sparrows in the garden - they make it come alive at this time of year with all of their chirping and their low level flights from shrub to shrub. I'd never had thought of doing a palette to pick out their colours. Love your mosaic aswell with those browns and beiges. Thanks for joining in this week :)