Monday, 8 October 2012


Everything is feeling so Autumny!  There is a wonderful array of coloured berries around and quite a few of the trees are beginning to change colour - I love it!

This handsome fellow in these lovely Autumn colours was strutting around a farm we visited recently - I fell in love with that gorgeous golden brown colouring with a dash of bright red!  I am linking up to Colour Me Weekly and Mosaic Monday.

Still on the Autumn theme, for Tag Tuesday last week I decided to make some tags using embossed velvet.  I know I've mentioned it in the past but I LOVE embossing velvet - it's the only time I enjoy using an iron! There is some info on it here

One of the velvet tags all ready to go - I was quite pleased with how well it matched the gift bag and wrapping paper.


  1. Autumn is all about bright, brusting color. Your photos take my breath away.

    Somehow embossing velvet is very autumnal, much like those cord trousers that your remember tucked away in your closet that first frosty morning in October!

    How do you manage to emboss the design onto the fabric without messing with the rest of the backround? Magic?

  2. Beautiful photos and such great colours! I really love the rooster - did you see the picture I stitched of a rooster on my page - certain amount of artistic license! ;-)
    G @ TCS

  3. Stunning photos and those tags are so elegant.

  4. Great, vibrant photos in your autumn mosaic.

  5. What loveliness!

    I love the berries and autumn leaves.... the colours are amazing. Autumn is such a joyous time.

    I love the colours of the bird.... he looks so soft and well conditioned!

    I love your embossed tags.... they look gorgeous


  6. Sigh....I love Autumn so much...we're just now within the last week getting Autumn weather. Your pictures are so beautiful, like eye candy. And that Rooster - I want to run my hands through his feathers. He may not be into that though...

    I LOVE the embossed velvet - I printed out instructions the last time you posted about it, and it's still in my "to try" pile, I WILL get to it...

  7. Your velvet tags are very special...and that beautiful a creature...I would love to keep hens:)

  8. Lovely deep colors! I linked to you on my side of the colors;)

  9. Love this post! As you've seen, I'm a big fan of Autumn :) Your photos are beautiful as always. You've found the most perfect examples of Fall abundance. And yes, that rooster is quite a handsome fellow! Great color palette there. My mom tried embossing velvet a long time ago, I might have to give it a whirl myself. I adore your acorn one, of course! It's a squirrel thing...

  10. Wow, Diana - I love the colours, and your beautiful embossed velvet! (That's a technique I must try one day.) Like you, I love this time of year, with the rich autumnal colours and the promise of cosy evenings in front of the fire!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Things are not easy at the moment, but Dad is improving and may be able to go home (with help). Also, things are moving on the housing front too, which is quite exciting.

    It's nice to be back in blogland, and I may even feel inspired to be creative again soon! Still feeling very exhausted and not inclined to do anything much, though, and yesterday's house viewings really took it out of me, although it was great fun.


  11. Love love love those autumnal photographs and your rooster palette. Embossing velvet sounds very complicated and I've never seen it done before but your tags are terrific and would make great bookmarks aswell.

  12. Thank you for visiting my side of the world.
    I just noticed that your on artist too. I+m a graphic artist,
    you`ll find my work in the right corner of my blogg;)
    Loved your work, really did!
    Have to take more time and see thru all of them!
    Have a nice weekend.

  13. I love this post with those gorgeous photos of Autumn color! This is one of my favorite times of year, partly because the colors are so glorious. I love you're embossed velvet tags. Embossing velvet is fun and the resulting fabric is so lush.

  14. I could spend all day looking around your blog Diana, there is so much I haven't seen
    Lynn x