Monday, 29 October 2012


I'm afraid I haven't taken part in Tag Tuesday for two or three weeks, as I have just been too busy with other things.  However, I needed some tags for Halloween night and this weeks theme for Tag Tuesday is Halloween so ..... here they are!

I used a selection of rubber stamps for the backgrounds and then added some wire, beads, feathers and bits and pieces from Michaels that I picked up when I was over in the US in August - I just LOVE their stuff!

I am busy preparing for Halloween night and have started decorating my dining room.  I probably wouldn't be so bothered about it if my two young half-American nephews weren't so into it big time!
The spiders web table cloth, feathered birds, black blossom branches and black leaf garlands are all from Michaels, once again!

I am linking this mosaic to Mosaic Monday.

October is a busy month for birthdays in our family and I made these Autumn cupcakes for my sister's birthday at the weekend (I just had to include something Autumny - I couldn't help myself!).

I made the decorations out of sugar paste and painted them with food colouring - I was quite pleased with the overall effect of them (from a distance!), but I think the painting could have been a lot better.  I was quite nervous of painting on sugar paste, but I should have been bolder and braver and put more paint on them!  I'll know better next time!  


  1. ooohhh lovely spooky tags.... I LOVE the copper wire you've used.

    I dream of visiting of Michaels! What great things you bought home with you. Your nephews are going to love it all!!!

    The autumn cupcakes look perfect..... great job!!!


  2. I love your tags!! They are fantastic! Your dining room table looks very ready for Halloween. It's such a fun holiday. And, I love you Autumn cupcakes. I think the decorations look wonderful.

  3. I can't believe you're apologizing for those cupcakes, they're amazing! I don't think I could let people eat them.

    I love your tags - the wire circling the feather - what a great idea. And I just love that little pumpkin - was that a Michael's purchase? I'm there on a regular basis, but I still can't keep up with what they have there... Your Halloween decorations are fabulous - what lucky nephews!

  4. I have never really been big on Halloween, but I think these tags and cakes look great~

  5. What beautiful decor and love how you have wrapped the wire around the feather :)

  6. Beautiful feather tag and cup cakes, Diana - personally I'm not into Halloween but it's nice to see some things that don't have all those ghastly skulls and occult stuff and ugliness on them!! The colours are great, and I love the imaginative use of wire with the feather. The autumnal colours in the icing on the cupcakes are gorgeous, and it's a very different form of decoration on a cake. Very eye catching! You are very talented!!

    Thank you for your lovely comment about my tiger, and I'm glad you like him. I'm very pleased (and greatly relieved lol!) as I haven't done anything like that before and was terrified of ruining my new art journal right at the outset by making a mess of it!!

    I'm not yet back into full creative swing, but this week I've been knitting again - I've just uploaded a post.


  7. You are so creative! The tags are beautiful and I love the wonderful sugar-artwork! It looks perfect!

  8. There is so much to love in this post! How cool that you got to use some of what you found here in the U.S. You got some great stuff at Michael's. Sometimes I'm too used to the store so I don't find new things, I just go to the shelves I always go to without straying much. Anyway, I love your harlequin backgrounds (that's my favorite pattern) and I love the clever way you wrapped that feather in wire, and that pretty white pumpkin!

    Don't feel down on yourself about the cupcakes, those sugar paste leaves and acorns are adorable! Those are some of the cutest acorns I ever did see, honest, and I'm nuts about acorns. They look delicious, too!

  9. Thanks for your latest comment, Diana, and I'm glad you like my knitting. I much prefer doing work like this as it's a lot more interesting than just plain one-colour knitting. Weaving the non-active colour into the back also thickens it up nicely and makes it warmer!