Thursday, 18 October 2012


I took part in the Brooklyn Sketchbook Project 2012 and sent my finished sketchbook over to the Brooklyn Art Library where it will live indefinitely.  However, before it settles down to retirement it is on a world tour, with all the other sketchbooks of course, and this week it's traveled to London!  They are all at the Canada Water Library until the 19th October.

The theme I chose was 'I Remember You'.

I divided the book into four sections - the first 7 pages represent memories of my father who cared for me and supported me throughout my life.  18 years ago he passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly and we didn't get to say goodbye.

The second set of 7 pages represent memories of my dear, sweet mum who loved me unconditionally, and battled with Alzheimers in the latter years of her life.

The third set of pages represents my childhood memories and the people who helped to build my life with me.  Memories of my grandmother moving all her furniture around to make two 'houses' so we could play at being neighbours! Memories of playing 'Going for a Song' (the olden days version of Antiques Roadshow!) and valuing her special china and jewellery...  

And finally the last set of pages represent my ancestors - greats and great,greats - of whom I've been told so many stories that I feel I know them personally.  They made me who I am today!

Here's a link to my complete sketchbook at the Art House

My dear blog friend Lynn, over at One I Made Earlier Today, visited the exhibition and has done a couple of wonderful blog posts highlighting her own work and some of the other sketchbooks she viewed.  She very kindly gave my sketchbook an airing, and a mention on her blog, so I'm sending a very big thank you to Lynn!


  1. What a beautiful book. I was reading about this project only the other day, how awesome to be involved.

  2. I am very moved by your layers of family + collage imagery, which all have a faded and greyish or pastel tone reminding me of the past or memories that lie in the mists of your mind.

    Is the tweed fabric in the pages about your father actual clothing pieces?

    My favorite has to be the way you illustrated your ancestors as a family tree with photos, printed text, handwriting and that wonderful and very alive tree. Congrats on expressing emotion in such a fluid way. It is very easy for me to read the feelings you have illustrated.

  3. How could you part with it?

    It's truly beautiful and so special


  4. Your book is beautiful. I saw Lynn's post and followed the links to have a look at the sketchbooks. How lucky she was to be able to visit and see them in London. I echo the comment by missy k. I would find it difficult parting with it, but I suppose that is the point of the sketchbook project, sharing your beautiful work with the rest of the world.

  5. Wow, stunning. You are very talented.

  6. How lovely Diana that you have shared your thoughts as well as your book. I am a big fan of all you do.
    Lynn xx

  7. What you´ve achieved here is really special and very talented Art!
    ( I´m a graphic artist and art pedagog behind my blogg and I´m speechless of the beauty and the multipal story the pictures tell here)

  8. This is beautiful work I want to keep a sketch book and this makes me more determined! Awesome work, you're very talented. x

  9. I went and looked at your whole sketchbook. So beautiful, and touching, the layers and subtlety and sweet sadness. Brought tears to my eyes, especially after reading your post...

  10. What fabulous memories, whether they are sad, poignant, joyous or even slightly blurry, they make you who you are, and that seems, to me, to be a sensitive creative person admired by many. What a beautiful piece of art you created to celebrate the loved ones from your life and before you came to be. Congratulations :-D