Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Coral Embroidery

For WOYWW this week I've been making my own yarn (or cord) for collages.  My friend Jane showed me how to make it, and I made some in a soft but deep red for the work I've been doing on coral - for anyone interested my last two blog posts are about my ongoing 'coral' project
 Using an embroidery foot on the sewing machine you simply zig-zag along a fairly thick strand of wool (or several strands), keeping the wool taut front and back.  It's very effective with contrasting cotton threads, or metallic threads and wools. 

You can see the difference between the thick wool and the strands that have been zig-zagged over - I went over some of it twice as I wasn't very even with the zig-zagging - but it was my first attempt!

Work in progress...

 I decided to use some of my cord in a small embroidery that is going in my sketch book. Using embossed velvet as a background, I then used machine embroidery over pieces of vintage lace and crochet, and then machine stitched the thicker yarn I'd made on top.  I still have beads to add, and probably some more embroidery and lace. 

If you would like to know what WOYWW is all about why not pop over there to see what other people have on their desks this week.


  1. Oooh, it's looking good! Can't wait to see it finished :)
    Have a happy WOYWW!
    no. 35

  2. Is it weird of me that I could happily have that last photo on my wall?! Honestly, I could :-) I love the squiggly wiggly wool cord, the embroidered lace underneath, the smoochy velvet tones...cor, it's gorgeous!
    Hugs, the very weird LLJ 44 xxx *grin*

  3. What a fantastic idea Diana, I think I will have to have a go at this. I could even incorporate it into the fabric hearts I am doing. Thank you yet again for being such an inspiration.
    Ive also signed up for FOCUS ON LIFE thanks to you.
    Lynn xx

  4. What a brilliant technique.... sounds like fun to do!

    I just adore your embroidery so far... that colour combination is just so uplifting some how .... I love it!

    Karen x

  5. I love your piece and I can't wait to see it finished! Making cords like yours is one of my favorite ways to make a cord. I think it's easier than twisted cords and it's so much more dimensional. This beautiful!

  6. I learned this technique at my old textile classes. I have been concentrating on my mixed media paintings lately so I haven't done any textile work for a while. You have made me want to get my sewing machine out again.

  7. Such a neat idea! And it looks wonderful on the lace!
    Lindart #93

  8. Ooo, Diana - Dorset buttons and cord - great. I learned these techniques when doing a C&G a few years back. They are both so very effective - and look great on your piece.
    Well done.
    Margaret #59

  9. "Couching" is what that technique is called. What you've done with it is quite interesting.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #4

  10. Wow, I absolutely love that! That is amazing what you can do with a simple string of yarn, I never would have guessed. Fantastic color combination - looks like you're having fun!

  11. Wow! So glad I stopped by after seeing someone comment about they were inspired by your post!! No wonder they were! This is fabulous. Love the coral effect you've achieved. Really cool!! Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #92

  12. Ooh that is so clever, id never have thought of doing that.
    Gill xx 41

  13. Oooh gorgeous, Diana! Quite mouth-watering, in fact! I adore that colour... I have made cord like this in the past, and also by wrapping, which is a lot more laborious. There's so much you can do with it.

    Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment. I am hoping to get the sewing machine going soon, and get some teabags stitched together, and then add some embroidery/painting, etc. Meanwhile, I am spending most of the time on the recliner watching TV and Youtube - my throad infection is simply awful and I'm coughing fit to bust, which is totally exhausting. At least I've got little Beatrice (complete with dress!) to keep me warm and comfy! She's not 100% and we are hoping the antibiotics will kick in soon, and that the vet can then deal with her kidney problem. The wound from her operation is healing slowly, and she is a lot more lively than she was (getting naughty again!).

    Have a great week. Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #86

  14. Hi Diana
    quite an extravagance to be using the big wool.... but the colour is gorgeous and perfect for your project.
    have a good week
    janet #38

  15. Well that's interesting Diana! I often wondered how the 'cord' was made. one thing I do know though, is the application of it to your fabric is called couching. I can't remember why I know, but it definitely has to do with an O level in needlework!! I love it's effect on the velvet and lace.