Thursday, 17 November 2011


I was recently asked how I toughened up the pages in my Brooklyn Sketchbook to take the weight of the collage materials I used.  I gave each page of the sketchbook a base coat, using a selection of Dulux/Crown sample 'matchpots' - I just love them - they gave the pages a tougher, more manageable strength as I found the paper rather flimsy.  However, I also use them quite a lot as backgrounds on thicker papers.  I find them affordable (I pick up one or two whenever I'm in B&Q) and there is a wonderful array of colours to choose from.   

These two collages were ideas for a birthday card for someone who loves cycling.  I painted the paper with a reasonably thick layer of a dark coloured matt vinyl matchpot paint.  I then covered it in a thinner layer of cream coloured paint and let it dry thoroughly overnight.  I used wire wool (like the old-fashioned brillo pad) to rub some of the top layer of paint off to achieve the vintage look - it also gives a slight sheen to the background, as though the paint has been polished.  Both layers of paint on these collages were fairly thick - which means harder work with the wire wool!   Be careful - I have worn holes through work before now!
On the first collage I rubbed quite a lot of paint off so that more dark red showed through.  On the second collage I went for a more subtle look and didn't remove so much, so less of the dark green background is showing.

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