Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I thought I would offer another couple of examples of using Matchpot paint backgrounds. These are a couple of older pieces of artwork from sketchbooks - the first piece has the dark brown undercoat brushed on thickly so the brush strokes are visible.  A very thin top coat of duck-egg blue was added and lightly brushed over with an almost dry paint brush  - it was lightly sanded with wire wool to give a grainy, wood effect.

 This second piece has bubbles, which I discovered by accident!  I painted one side of the paper with a red coat and then when dry I used a top coat of metallic gold (a specialist paint sample pot).  I then went and painted the back of the page ready for the next piece of work, and I used a heat gun to speed up the drying process.  By blowing heat on the back of the page it created these wonderful bubbles.  I have used this technique since with normal Matchpot paints rather than the metallic and it works just as well.

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