Sunday, 19 February 2012


I had a really lovely day out in Chichester yesterday.  I got plenty of shopping in, but I also had a really good mooch around the Cathedral.  I took loads of photos of 'bits' I liked, such as textures, stained glass, carvings and stone work. I have put together a couple of photo mosaics of my visit using snippets of yesterday's photos.

  The Cathedral Font - a very modern design but absolutely beautiful.  It's polyphant stone and beaten copper by John Skelton, 1983.

The Cathedral is also hosting an exhibition by Jules Findley and Alice Kettle called 'Loss'.  As written in the exhibition catalogue it "explores issues associated with particular loss, which may resonate with a shared and wider experience."  The work is beautiful, sensitive and has incredible detail in it.
The exhibition runs until March 29th and the entry is free.

These two photos are the top half and bottom half of one of the embroidery exhibits by Alice Kettle.  


  1. Chichester is such a lovely place - I used to belong to a textile group based nearby called Tamarisk. Brilliant photo collages!

  2. What beautiful pictures! There's nothing I love more than wandering in a beautiful cathedral, I'm always jealous of people who live in a place where they have choices of ones to visit nearby. Here in California, choices are a little thin! And the embroidery work is stunning...

  3. Diana - what a gorgeous photo montage of the cathedral. I love the details. What an interesting exhibit too! Thanks for taking me away this morning :)

  4. Chichester is a very special place.

    I love your mosaics and the font I think is just so appealing. I bet every one wants to reach out and rub their hands along it.

    The embroidery is amazing.