Tuesday 6 March 2012


It's the very last Street Team challenge and only my second one, but I shall be very sad to say goodbye as I have so enjoyed doing these two challenges, and I've really loved seeing all the wonderful work from the other participants.
This month the challenge is to 'hold back' on what we put on our page - I guess the term "less is more" applies!  
For this challenge I have re-worked an old theme - a lot of my work focuses on capture, ownership and possession.   
This time I have tried to concentrate on the large space in the middle of the work - I realised most of my work is compacted into smaller areas - I quite often work on square paper and so this tall rectangular book has enabled me to consciously change proportions.  I am pleasantly surprised at the result - it's not as sparse as I thought it was going to be.   

'Capture or release?'

Thank you to Michelle for two fun months (I wish it had been longer) and to all the participants who have left kind comments on my work. I hope our paths cross again in the future. 


  1. I love your blog and your tags. You do beautiful work, am now following you hugs xx

  2. Beautiful piece Diana I love it.

  3. Diana, this is very handsome. I really love how you used the space. There is alot of movement and time for contemplation of your question. I say release ;) Thanks for sharing with the team and for coming to play with us. I will be back in a few months...just trying to figure out how to reformat my process to encourage community building. We'll meet on the street again!

  4. Diana, this is so poetic. A work of visual art that's poetic. I love it. I love the reaching.
    It's so interesting that your themes return to capture ownership and possession. Compelling themes. I must explore more here. And I thank you for your kind words about my offering. They bouyed me today.

    I believe the Street Team crusades will be back in a new incarnation some day. Life will out!

    Nice meeting you through the Team!

  5. changing proportions and therefore perspective can be so good creatively . . . . this is an enchanting image.

  6. WOW Stunning! It's so peaceful fairy like. I just love it.

  7. Beautiful way to, er, "capture" your theme here. I love that it's suspended in the moment where there is indeed the question of catch or release.

    I'm sure we'll all see each other back at GPP soon enough :)

  8. It's absolutely amazing - perfect! Beautiful work. I'm hoping to take part in this but I know I will struggle because I love texture on pages and I love to see them covered. Steep learning curve but your page is so inspiring. Thank you x

  9. Wow Diana, this is gorgeous, so soft and dreamy. It needs nothing else...Such interesting themes to explore. How did you do the flower heads, are they handpainted?

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments. The flowers were from a stencil I cut out, and then I sponged over several different colours. The little spots are punched out of paper painted in the flower colours, and then glued on.

  10. This assignment has really made me think......

    I really really love this piece.... for me definitely 'release'

    It's so amazingly well balanced.... considering the different scale of the little girl, flower heads and butterfly.

    Well done!

  11. I find this page really beautiful. It is peaceful and engaging. I want to join that kid and play with butterflies too. Well done.

  12. You should be pleased with the results- it is stunning! Love how the string pulls the eye!

  13. Hello crusader! Your page is calm and beautiful, and I'm having big hopes that the crusades will be back after a paus/hiatus. At least I hope so.

    Take care!

  14. This is lovely! So graceful and profound in it's meaning.

  15. Breath-taking!

    Love the background texture and lovely images.

  16. How beautiful! I lOve the title as well!
    I haven't done a crusade in a long time but had to join back in for this final one. So many great artists and such a great community!
    Here's to a creative life!

  17. I love the scratchy surface you've created; I'd love to touch it and see what it feels like...
    I always enjoy my "end of month, and the newspaper's finished blog cruise 'n comment" time. It's been lovely to meet you and your work via the Crusades. Thanks for sharing what you do with everyone. May the rest of 2012 be filled with creative happiness for you.

  18. This is SO beautiful! I love how that one skinny little string seems to hold the whole page together, and connect all that blank space. Amazing.
    I didn't start the Crusades until around the 40th. They are all still out there for us to go back in time and play...

  19. This is just lovely. Calm but dynamic and lots of emotion in this very simple and beautiful composition. I will be following you ;)