Thursday, 8 March 2012


My work desk was left like this on Tuesday night, all ready for the morning. 
There's a handful of cards with photos glued on, waiting to be stamped on the back and put in cellophane bags (I'm selling them at our local beach cafe/shop).  While letting these dry I prepared a page with cream emulsion, ready for a new piece of work. 
There is also a rather large pile of rubber stamps that I am thinking of e-baying, but the question is whether I'll ever get round to it, or will they end up in a charity shop when I can't stand looking at them any longer!

Why not whizz over to WOYWW (badge on right) and have a look at other people's work desks - I love it but then I am inherently nosey!


  1. well, send stamps to my charity shop! hehe daughter tells me all I need is a basket at the door (no till of course) she likes to drop in and help herself when she needs crafty stuff! Love the cards, Photo? Eh? What a good idea. Have a great crafty week. Happy WOYWW!
    ((Lyn)) #26

    third try, that word code is a long one!

  2. Hi Diana, the cards on your desk look beautiful. As for the stamps, I have some from about 3 years ago, still waiting to go on Ebay too, not sure I will get round to either, more important crafting things to do! Regards, Anne #85

  3. Love those cards, and I echo everyone else, send the stamps my way lol!! Can't ever bear to part with mine, no matter how old lol! Maybe one day........

    Let me know where your cards are displayed, would love to see the real thing (live in Chandlers Ford, so not far to go!!)

    Debs #104

    ps - don't know if you want it to be , but word verification still turned on??

  4. Beautiful cards on your work desk Fabulous, OOOOAAAHHHH I cant part with me stamps, you never know you might need them someday!! Have a great week, HUGS may x x x x x

  5. Those cards are great, I bet you'll barely keep up with demand! EBay is a bit tedious isn't it, but if you can sell them, then you can buy new stash!!

  6. Beautiful cards - you sure you want to sell those stamps, won't they have a use one day? lol Take care & enjoy this week's WOYWW, it's now Friday & I'm still snooping! Zo xx 60

  7. I love your workspace.... I bet your cards will sell like hot cakes :)

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Zoomed in on your cards, they are really good. Nice photo made me want to sit there and start creating.
    Lynn x

  9. Oh, those cards on your desk are great! I bet they sell out at the shop all the time.

    I thought I'd list things on ebay this weekend - and put things in my etsy store (which I've NEVER sold anything on) but here it is Sunday night and I didn't get it done!

    Still visiting WOYWW posts.

    Hugs, Kay

  10. Hey, late at getting to your blog, but then I couldn't read all of the numbers on the far right. I am glad it got resized. Had to join your blog, just to see what will go on the empty page!

  11. Wonderful cards and the start of an art page too. #36