Wednesday, 5 September 2012


This week Collage Obsession tempted me with the theme of 'grey'.  It's a colour I love but don't work with that often.
I decided to put together two grey photo collages, using photos from my archives - one based on sewing and the other based on the beach.   

Why not nip over and visit other grey-themed work at Collage Obsession.


  1. These are so lovely, I like the soft feel of these collages and the even sclale of greys that them look so balanced.

  2. Your photo collages are quite yummy! Grey is such a non-color, but you've managed to make it appealing.

  3. I love grey too.... great collages. I especially love the one from the beach....I have a bit of a 'thing' for pebbles and wood!


  4. You did a beautiful job!
    Grey is pretty like this!

  5. You've created lovely collages, Diana, beautiful grey tones !
    Your TT photos are lovely too !
    Nice evening,

  6. Hi Diana, I love this challenge you have taken up. Your greys are so soft yet you have used hard material. Brilliant.
    I've done a link myself and given you a mention.
    Lynn x

  7. Lovely subtle grey collages, Diana. I love your pictures.

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog - Dad is somewhat better and they are now talking about discharging him but cognitively he's still very confused, and it would be quite impossible for him to go home as Mum would never cope with it. My hubby is trying to find some alternative residential care for him. So much is falling on my hubby's shoulders at the moment and I'm concerned he's overdoing things, and I feel so useless as I can't do much to help, being so poorly. It's not an easy time.

    I was very interested to hear of your hubby's work for Remap - I have come across this charity, and what they do is great. I am so enjoying the Paralympics! Every day there are more amazing accounts of people's lives and achievements - so completely inspiring!

    As for you saying you are unobservant, the fact that you can create such beautiful collages as the ones above completely contradicts that statement. You have a great eye for colour, and for putting different things together which can only come from a highly observant eye!!


  8. Beautiful, Diana! I love gray, also, but like you, I don't work with it often. Your collages are a great balance of shades and textures. Really lovely.

  9. This is stunning! GORGEOUS!! I love grays and I love this!

  10. So beautiful...I especially love the beach one, absolutely gorgeous. I don't use grey very much in my work either... Maybe I should make more of an effort to, I do love it...

  11. It's takien me quite a while to get over here, but I'm glad I did. Lovely Collages!

  12. Your photographic collages are absolutely stunning! The variety of textures, compositional angles, and representational items is breathtaking. I'm trying to figure out how you archive your stock. Is it by colors or by subjects? Blessings!