Monday, 11 February 2013

Mottisfont Abbey

I've had an unintentional break from blogging for what has amazingly turned into about 4 weeks - what on earth happened there!  I have been busy with many other things and I really don't know what happened to January. 

My nephews have learnt all about the Chinese New Year at School and so we made some cupcakes to celebrate - I must apologize if the Chinese symbol is the wrong way up on the cupcake - my sugar paste cutter isn't marked with the words 'this way up' unfortunately!

I am joining in this week with Mosaic Monday over at Little Red House. 

The cupcake is one I made and decorated a while back, and the little water jug, next to it, is an antique/junk shop find - it's currently my favourite possession! 
The chandelier was photographed on a recent visit to Mottisfont Abbey and the watercolour is a sketch by Rex Whistler - he decorated a room at Mottisfont using Trompe l'oeil techniques, and it's simply stunning.  The following photos are of the Whistler room and are from the National Trust website.

Pretty much everything is painted to give a relief effect - even the curtain swags aren't real!



  1. I love your cupcakes, Diana! The Whistler room is amazing! Welcome back to blogland!

  2. I missed you! Glad you are back :)

    Your cupcakes look gorgeous... as does your mosaic.

    We were at Mottisfont a couple of weeks back visiting the Star Sculptures and the Art Gallery. The house was closed but we popped our heads round the Whistler Room and my OH wouldn't believe about the curtains not being real!!!

    Karen x

  3. Wonderful photos and the cupcake looks like great fun and delicious ~

    Carol of: (A Creative Harbor) on blogger

  4. Ooh, gorgeous pictures. And nevermind if your Chinese symbol is upside down, I'm so impressed you have a chinese symbol sugar paste cutter in the first place!

  5. Welcome back! I kept checking, hoping you'd have posted something. Your cupcake looks delicious, even if the symbol is upside-down or right-side-up, or even sideways. I don't know the difference! Beautiful photos as always. What an amazing room!

  6. What a wonderful place Diana thanks for showing us

  7. Wat a beautiful place and room. All these homes of the National trust have been decorated beautifully.

  8. Enjoyed seeing the photos - thanks for sharing them. The cupcake looks yummy. I would not have known if the symbol was upside down or not.
    Thanks for stopping by and nice comment. I don't know what I did, but I removed your comment in error. Please accept my apology, I really appreciate your stopping by and leaving the comment. The touch pad on this notebook is so sensitive, I have to be extra careful.

  9. Hi dian
    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog the other day, Jane and I were chatting about the workdesks the other day.... me trying to convert her..... a couple of other go on at work too.... See Lucy aka cat loves bear crafts. your photos of Mottisfont are gorgeous , it is many years since I went there but plan to go in the summer. There is a planned WOYWW meet up in June if you are interested, may see you there
    I had a quick peek through youtr blog ..., love the feather tag lovely colours
    janet #15

  10. What gorgeous photos, Diana. It's a stunning place! Your cup cake is great - the Chinese characters certainly look the right way up! For Chinese New Year we went out for a Chinese meal at our new local favourite eatery, where we also went for Valentines, and a special Murder Mystery evening! What fun we had...

    Thanks for your lovely comment. I am trying not to overdo things but it's a busy time. Things are moving on apace. We re-visited our new place today, meeting up with the builder so that he could see what needs to be done, and I fell in love with it even more than after the first visit! The builder is going to fit out my new ARTHaven for me and he said "That's the easiest thing in the house - that room is just crying out to be converted!" I am mega, mega excited about that!! We probably won't be in till early summer.

    Mum coping less well on her own since she hurt her leg so badly a few weeks ago (it has to be dressed 3 times a week by the district nurse) and she will soon be going to my sister's till the new house is ready and we all move in together. Dad has deteriorated badly recently and is now suffering permanently with dementia and is away with the fairies, and looking even more shrunken - so sad to see him diminished in this way. We are waiting for the powers of attorney to come through from them both because he's quite incapable of signing anything now.

    I'll be floating around on the periphery of Blogland for the foreseeable future! Probably time for an update on my blog...