Wednesday, 15 January 2014

WOYWW - 241

   It has been quite a long time since I participated in WOYWW and to be honest I have an ulterior motive for joining in today.  For the last few months my desk has been pretty much the same each week - nothing but unfinished and ready to be started projects. 
 New Year - new resolutions - new me!  I have decided to shame myself into getting off my backside and completing some of these things!

The clock case was a bargain I couldn't resist - it's going to be sanded, painted, distressed, shelves added, spires replaced, plain glass in top and bottom of door (I don't think the hubs has realised the extent of his role in this project yet), and then it will become a delightful little cabinet for curios.  Well, that's the plan!
The pumpkins have been waiting since last October to be primed and painted in shades of  olive, grey and black.  The idea is to sit them on some lovely little candlestick holders in time for next Halloween, or the one after that!
  I actually completed the smaller Halloween banner (the larger one is only half done) and threaded it with a bright orange ribbon - all I have to do is re-thread it with a much nicer black ribbon - so far I've spent 10 weeks thinking about doing it!  

Why not take a wander over to WOYWW and see What's on other people's Work desks this Wednesday!


  1. I was looking at that gorgeous clock case (clever you finding that!) when I suddenly noticed your shelves behind it - look at those delicious jars of buttons and bits! That's it, I'm completely distracted by those now! I want to furtle through your shelves *grin*
    It may have taken ten weeks to achieve something but so what? It is only ourselves that put a stopwatch on things. You can always say that you were 10 months early for Halloween and then we'll all be impressed, lol!!
    I don't know if you saw, but Crop3 is on Sat 24th May at Burbage. You're not a million miles away...fancy a trip up? It would be great to meet you in person!
    Hugs, LLJ 45 xx

  2. Me again! I followed the Downton Abbey fabrics route...oh, you wicked temptress....I think you need some :-) xx

  3. 10 weeks in planning always creates the best projects, you are sooo ready for Halloween 2014. Looking forward to seeing your clock case evolve.
    Sandra @28

  4. I know what you mean about unfinished projects! I, too, have a whole stack of them. I love your ideas for yours. Good luck with them.

  5. Hey you are not alone with the UFO's I have heaps of them and they are more than 10 weeks old but I am the only one that knows right. Who am I kidding the world now knows. Great to see you are getting the jump on Halloween good for you. Hope you have a wondeful crafting week.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 32

  6. So glad I stumbled across you! I'm in Chandlers Ford but my DH works in Beaulieu so we are well aquainted with the forest. I love your work and I can see that clock, which is already beautiful, becoming something truly amazing with your art (and your husbands assistance ;-)) #41

  7. Love your clock cabinet. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it. The plans sound great. I am not much of an alterer, but love to see others do it. Lots of lovely stuff on your shelves to to create with. Your Halloween banners are great so far, and I think you can have them completed for this coming Halloween!! Winnie#64

  8. I love your clock case. It made me smile because at the 'tip shop' I bought a bottom half of a clock case that I thought would look sweet painted or decopatched!!!!! Maybe with a pot or a clock on top. Now I'm thinking of looking on ebay for a top!!!! btw that was back in the summer and I haven't done anything with it yet!!!! You are not alone.

    Good luck with all your projects.... I adore those sweet pumpkins!

    Karen x

  9. Adorable clock/cabinet will be super wonderful. Get altering!
    Thanks for the visit BJ#2

  10. Here's to NYR and keeping them as best we can.
    Hope you were inspired by the book marks- so fun and you can get them finished!
    Robyn 5

  11. Hi Diana
    welcome back, new you huh, well you have given yourself a good start with the clock cabinet, its gorgeous and would make a good back drop for some of your photos. I read LLJ 's comment and had to have another look at the shelves fab
    janet #18

  12. The clock cabinet plan sounds great! I would like to see what you do to it :)
    Thanks for dropping by earlier, and for your kind words.
    Ros A # 1

  13. Glad you are like the rest of us Diana and I'm glad you are inspired to get things done this year. I'm still working on motivating myself although I have started a new challenge over at the Craft Barn.

  14. 10 weeks planning is planning for success in my books!
    The clock case especially sounds fabulous and I look forward to popping back to see the finished project.
    kyla #30

  15. I too spy some very tidy shelves! Karen #36

  16. Nice to see you! The clock case is a your plan for it, I must say. I dont think many Deskers will contribute to any feelings of shame over your UFOs and procrastinations...we're all pretty much the same!

  17. Oh my gosh, that clock case is going to be fantastic! Now that you've shown us we'll be impatient to see it done, so start breaking the news to hubby now! And those Halloween banners are wonderful, I just love the images and how the paper looks so old. I'd say you could sell those (I'd buy one!) but not at the rate you're making them! ( I figure I can say that as I have literally done nothing art-wise for about two months now...)

  18. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you, but it is going to look great.
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #77

  19. I used to post my desk to shame myself into cleaning up BUT it did not work. Hope you are more successful! I like that clock! I am sure it will be beautiful! Patsy

  20. Wow, I am in love with that clock case! Can't wait to see it all finished up :) The Halloween banner pieces look fab, too.