Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Teabag Art, Silk Paper and Beyond the Enclosure Project

It's time for WOYWW again and this week I have been using some of the silk paper I made last week, and continuing with an old theme I often come back to about garden history - there are links back to some older work here and here for any one interested.  I have also had a yearning to play about with teabags for quite a while, since seeing a whole table of them drying and waiting to be used over at Shoshi's blog!  


  1. What fun you have been having, Diana. Great work.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #18

  2. Well, those are the most gorgeous teabags I've ever seen (never thought I'd find myself typing those words, but there you go!), the detail in the embroidery is quite wonderful. I love the colours and textures you achieve :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 34 xx

  3. Beautiful! It's lovely seeing the close-ups. The things one can do with teabags....
    Thank you for letting me peep over your shoulder.

  4. Wow, I've never heard of tea bag art! Sounds intriguing! Would be perfect for mixed media projects! Zsuzsa @InkyDinkyDoodle #22

  5. Love the silk paper and the work with the teabags is interesting. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a great day and have a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #69 x

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! I use teabags too in my paintings, but stitching looks so cool!
    Gabriele 8

  7. Oh! Teabags, love them. I have used them to give texture to my journal pages. Your stitching on them looks great.
    Thanks for visiting me and happy crafting, Angela x 36

  8. Oh, how pretty are they?!?! I must come back for a closer look, and find out how you do them. Happy WOYWW, Chris # 14

  9. Oooh Diana, your teabags are gorgeoso. I think I might have started something!! So far I haven't had a chance to do much with mine apart from a bit of experimental inking and stamping, and of course Zentangles on the marks left by drying teabags. I love teabags and hate to think of the vast majority of them being thrown away when they could be used for Art!! I love your embroidery - so intricate and delicate. Just great.

    Thank you for your nice comment. What I love about charity shop rummaging is that you never know what you are going to find! So much more fun than regular shopping. My felt class went really, really well tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am very pleased with the piece I made. I will be blogging very soon about it.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #35

  10. Hi Diana happy WOYWW - ohw wow the teabag/silk projects are wonderful, very creative and unique. Have a delightful week Cheers RobynO#29

  11. I do love seeing what you get up too! It's always so beautiful, interesting and unusual. Don't know how I missed this post!?

    Going to be playing with teabags myself soon for Life Book or Soul Food - you've inspired me!!!!

    Karen x

  12. How beautiful!!! I love the colors and details against those humble tea-stained filters, and then to have the four small little works of art just simply laid out against that plain white paper is stunning. Really amazing work.

  13. Ciao Diana
    Il tuo blog รจ fantastico. Complimenti! Tu sarai la mia ispirazione.
    Il tuo teabag art mi piace da morire.Grazie.