Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Never Ending Sorting and WOYWW

I decided that I needed to move my lace making equipment off the book shelf it had been sitting on for years to make way for a pile of books that are currently homeless - what should have been a simple job has taken two weeks of re-shuffling and re-organising virtually all my belongings!
I have eventually made a small gap on the book shelves and the lace stuff is being sorted to see if I can stuff it into a much smaller box that will fit on another shelf!  Why oh why did I start this!
So this week my desk, unusually for me, is an absolute mess - old bobbins that need new spangles (spangles are the beads that hang on the bottom end), a large jumble of beads and all the supplies that go with the job.

I'm linking up with Julia over at WOYWW this week.


  1. oh that sounds a mammoth job... but a worthwhile one as look at all that beauty you are sharing with us! Happy WOYWW Helen #1

  2. Morning Diana. I confess to smiling as I read your post this morning. How a seemingly simple little task takes over the whole house! I frequently find myself in the position of moving something... then something else...etc! Those spangles are gorgeous - well worth the effort. I do hope you find space for everything when they are all spangled. What a lovely word!! Would love to see some of your hand made lace.
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  3. I do know that feeling of starting a "simple" job to find it develops a life of it's own. Once the job is complete I am sure you will find great uses for all those stunning beads. Those bobbins are gorgeous. Stay safe as you create.
    Sandra de @7

  4. What a beautiful picture those beads make. Good luck with the spangling. That's a new word to me - Spangles were boiled sweets I used to eat as a child, I remember how I loved them, they were so fruity. Love the bobbins, they always fascinate me so I hope we get to see them again, newly spangled.
    I was avoiding the inevitable 'sorry, I know just what you mean about tidying one place and then suddenly ..." Something I do so often!
    Hugs and Good Luck with the tidying
    Neet 11 xx

  5. Morning Diana, what a lovely pile of beads, and yes so many tasks we choose to do have a knock on effect on other things and take much longer than we expect.
    Thanks for sharing
    Chris #6

  6. That sounds like a big job but we all do it, Think this will not take long and hours later think why did I start this lol

    Take care and stay safe

    Lilian B # 8

  7. Another hidden talent Diana. I hope you’ll show us some of your lacemaking when you’ve finished tidying.
    Hope you are well. Aren’t the weeks flying by
    Lynn xx 15

  8. Sounds like a big job Diana. A fascinating hobby though. Good luck with the rest of the sorting. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #17

  9. Ah yes - the old "I'll just move this over here and then..." trap. It's never simple and it always gets worse before it gets better. Still, I'm sure those bobbins will be happy to have new spangles (always happy to discover a new word - as far as I was concerned Spangles were a boiled sweet from my childhood!). I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end. Nothing is quite as satisfying as the "after" of an organising splurge.
    Alison x

  10. I laughed at Alison's comment above - pretty much what I was going to say verbatim! If your'e unsure about what spangles to put where why don't you try Margaret Glitter and Glue's dice throwing trick to ensure randomness - it would take away the agony of choice of what to put where! You have some lovely beads btw - why am I not surprised ;-)
    Hugs LLJ 12 xxx

  11. Never a good idea to move things about ! Ha Ha - i have just had a skip delivered as i need to do this all over the house!! I would start in the garden but it is raining.blow! Your desk still looks very pretty. Have a great week- hope you get finished xx Soojay#20

  12. Reorganising can seem a really good idea in your head but when you start it can be a huge task, still I'm sure you'll be pleased when it's done.
    Those lace bobbins are really beautiful, you must have so much patience.
    Good Luck with it all
    Hugs Lisax #24

  13. Hi Diana, it does sound like a huge job, surprising how often a 'quick sort and tidy' becomes a job of immense proportions! But how beautiful are all those beads? Glorious colours. Have a lovely week,Stay Safe, Hugs, Shaz #13 X

  14. Hello Diana, I know I shouldn’t laugh, but that sounds exactly like me. I am always trying to gain a little extra room. I am now thinking of taking surplus stuff upstairs and hiding it in my wardrobe to make extra room :) Happy WOYWW Angela #28

  15. Hi Diana, I had to smile. When you start moving stuff this always happens, I end up shifting far more than planned and it seems to take ages. Still I guess you'll feel better when it's done.....well for a while anyway! Thanks for the visit over at mine. Have a lovely week and a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x19x

  16. Ah yes... the simplest of jobs seem to involve the most complicated of lead ups don't they?! I hadn't realised you were so close, just along the way from me in Chandlers Ford. My husband works at Beaulieu (under normal circumstances) and I sometimes head down there to design in the lovely forest - bliss! Have a good week! Lisa-Jane #22

  17. Oh lovely, I have a set of bobbins and made all my spangles too. Not made any lace in ages though. Think the last was for my 13th anniversary photo frame as that is lace!! (Been married 22 now - LOL). Loving your beads too, super.
    Thanks for the visit BJ#21

  18. Oh fell into the teabag syndrome....leaking into everything, touching everything and requiring sorting just to make 6 inches of clear space. I and I’m sure most other Deskers totally get your frustration. However, your work surface is now covered in bright and cheery and if my eyes don’t deceive me, we could call these a UFO and you sail into yet another of the halls of fame at WOYWW! Just trying to make you feel better. But i suspect the sparkly spangles will do that anyway.

  19. Hi Diana, I think we can all sympathise with a 'quick bit of sorting' becomes a mammoth task. Not heard of spangles before, apart from sweets from my childhood! I'm sure they will look as marvellous as everything else you do. Have a lovely week and stay safe, Heather xx #3

  20. Bobbin lace takes me back, my Gran did bobbin lace when I was younger - she did my Christening gown and my wedding veil. Happy WOYWW. I hope you have a good week. Stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#9)

  21. I love all your lace making bobbins and spangles, Diana! So pretty. I did a course on Honiton lace before I got married but decided it wasn't for me - it is the finest of all the laces and very labour intensive, and you have to get really expert before you can start designing your own patterns. The bobbins are different, too - no spangles (they would be too heavy) and with pointed ends. It's a local craft for us, of course - Honiton isn't far from where we live, and at one time it was the major industry of the town. Our local museums have some fine examples of this beautiful lace.

    It's funny, isn't it, how you start doing a job that you think will be quick and simple, and it snowballs into something more and more complicated until you end up messing about all day trying to sort it out!! I often get in that position and ask myself, "Why did I start this?"

    Thank you for your visit. I am glad you like what I've done with the knitting revamping. I have finished it now - the ribbing has turned out a lot looser than before and it no longer sits on my waist but it looks OK. I thought I was going to have to shorten the sleeves but in the end I think they are OK so I won't bother. It is now ready to be washed and put away for the winter. I think the new ribbing will look better once it is washed. I am now working on the purple circles jumper again. I know what you mean about working with black. I have a very good gooseneck lamp with a circle of LEDs around a large magnifier and that really helps when working on such projects in the evening. I have got incipient cataracts and my eyesight is definitely worse in the evenings and when I am tired. I suppose they will have to be done one day.

    You are right about the knives. I managed to get a good price on the original set because County Show prices are always reduced but they were still expensive, but I am very glad I have invested in a good quality set. Since I got the new chef's knife last week I have used it in the preparation of every single meal! I do so much veg prep and it's a joy having decent tools for the job. Also, there's something infinitely pleasing about handling any good quality tool, wouldn't you agree?

    The kitties have been quite happy snuggling up together on the bed (and on my legs in the evenings) since the weather has gone off. Hard to imagine they are the same ones that went bananas over the baby birds the other day!!

    It's going to take a long time to get hospital appointments I think. I could be waiting at least a year for my operation. At least they are now doing phone appointments for outpatients. I do prefer face to face, though.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #14

  22. Ah that takes me back! Wipso (my sister Annie) used to do lace making and I bought her lots of special bobbins/spangles etc. It will take a while to organise I guess. xx Jo

  23. LOL, Diana , oh do I know about this problem, and so difficult for me to throw out materials which maybe ... could be used later !! But your desk looks very interesting with the old bobbins, with lovely thread on, and all the wonderful beads to choose from . Have fun- and I hope you find place for all your lace, as that would hav e been VERY difficult for me to throw out !!! :-) Hugs, Dorthe

  24. Oh dear Diana I do think we can all relate to your issue.. as my mother would say to me " you always bite off more than you can chew!!"
    Console yourself mid effort, it will be worth it ALL in long run.
    Mmm Spangles are sooo yummy.. but look quite complicated indeed.
    Happy WOYWW 😊
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X #21

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