Monday, 13 May 2013

Embroidering like Crazy!

I have been so enjoying the two week course I joined, run by Karen Ruane.  I have always enjoyed free machine embroidery but have not done much hand embroidery, so I felt this course might offer some new ideas and inspiration - and I wasn't wrong!
This is my first piece of work - I have been totally immersed in it to the detriment of the laundry, house-work and all those other mundane jobs!  I even sat through my book club having unsociable thoughts that the evening might be better spent embroidering!
  I tend to usually work with slightly thicker silks and cottons, so using delicate antique laces and very fine silks has been a learning curve!

The finished sample and close-up detail


  1. I absolutely love this, Diana!!! I love hand work even though I don't do much of it anymore. And, I've always thought that the British embroiderers were the best. I've been a big fan of several, and of the books published by Batsford for years. Lovely!

  2. Gorgeous work, Diana! I love doing hand embroidery, much more fun than doing housework! Lovely set of photos, the style is vintage, but with a modern twist. the photos would make a nice series of card for textiles people to look at!
    Jane x

  3. Hi! Love, love, love these mosaics of your gorgeous work. You have some amazing images here and your work is just gorgeous.. So pleased you are enjoying class.

  4. Wow, your new project is beautiful! I love the very freeform nature of it with the delicate lace. Just fabulous work.

  5. SO beautiful - I just want to wear it somehow! The colors and texture and movement, just fantastic - not to mention the photos themselves. I haven't embroidered since I was very young (my Grandma taught me, and it always makes me think of her). But this is VERY different than that embroidery, for sure. Makes me want to take it up again!

  6. Oooh I LOVE this Diana! I adore the subtle colours, and the free movement of the embroidery on the more classic lace, with the addition of the stone colour... Just juicy.

    I used to do more embroidery than anything else. I haven't done any for ages - times and seasons in one's life! I have a box of unfished projects... I used to do a lot of 3-D work (boxes etc.) and loved gold work, and Indian shisha work. I put this on my wedding dress, which also had smocking (great fun to do). I've done quite a lot of cross stitch, using my own designs, and for a while I had some software for cross stitch design which was amazing.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! So glad you like my takeaway box - it was crying out for embellishment, being such a lovely design. Nice to be able to incorporate a couple of my own Zentangle designs as well. I am continuing to work (sporadically) on my Zentangle pattern reference album and need to scan and upload my most recent ones - they are mounting up!

    Still no news on exchange of contracts on our purchase, but we are now aiming for completion on 30th May, which would be amazing if it happens, as that is my 60th birthday! I can't imagine a nicer birthday present. I am phoning the solicitor in the morning to see if there is any news. Hopefully we'll exchange this week. Then the builder can start ordering what he needs. (5 billion roof tiles, for starters, lol!!)


  7. Hi diana
    this is gorgeous, love the antique lace and what you have added to it. I love hand embroidery too and have goldwork, blackwork and freework on the go at the moment, but sadly no time to do it.... well it will keep, wont it

  8. Hi Diana
    Looking at what you've written about your absorption in your embroidery work to the detriment of all else was like looking in a mirror. It is so addictive and I've really enjoyed it and I can see you have too.
    It looks fabulous, I like the mix of colours in yours.
    Lynn x

  9. Absolutely fabulous result!!