Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Yarn Bombing, Poppies and WOYWW #285

Once again I'm linking up with What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday - for the last few weeks my desk has been strewn with poppies.  I joined a local Facebook group a couple of months ago and we have all been extremely busy crocheting and knitting poppies to decorate a small park in our village for Remembrance Sunday - we managed to make over 4,000 poppies, of which I'm proud to say 130 were mine!  On Remembrance Sunday the group 'yarn bombed' the park and the poppies were put up along the railings.  They were up for a week and during that time a lot were sold to raise money for the British Legion Poppy Day Appeal.   It's been a roaring success and we even made the news!

Our beautifully decorated railings along the park - sadly we've taken the poppies down now and it looks very bare! 


  1. Diana, wow your poppies look fan-tas-tic and attached to the fence - wow what a lovely sight. Well done all of you and I hope you made lots of money for a good cause. Cheers and enjoy your week RobynO#36

  2. Happy WOYWW. Those poppies are glorious. Well done for making so many. Ali x #42

  3. How lovely, and even better that you were able to raise much needed funds. I took part in something similar in our park, where we made £1000 on a poppy stall on Remembrance Day, proceeds to the British Legion. I only managed to do 6 of them, though. Have a fab week, Chris # 8

  4. Your poppies are beautiful, Diana, and what a great thing to do for Remembrance Sunday. The railing looked wonderful with all the beautiful red poppies adorning it!

  5. I saw this on the news but had no idea that you were part of it! Way to go, all you lovely looked amazing on those railings. What a brilliant idea :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xx

  6. There is nothing like a good yarn bombing--I have a cherry tree that died, and I plan on yarn bombing it. But those poppies are glorious. Happy Wednesday! Sandy Leigh #53

  7. What a lovely idea.The poppies look lovely. Congrats on raising funds for such a good cause.

  8. Gorgeous poppies Diana, bet the fence looked stunning.
    Thanks for the visit and hope you have a great crafty week, Angela x 28

  9. Well done you! The poppies are beautiful and the photo of all the poppies on the fence is amazing! No wonder it made the news!
    I bet you are looking forward to do something else other than poppies....
    Thank you for visiting me earlier. Have a lovely week and God bless you,

  10. What a wonderful idea! The park fence looks absolutely gorgeous with those beautiful poppies. Yes well done!
    Thanks for sharing
    Gabriele 26

  11. Oh well done :) They look stunning and for a wonderful cause......

    Karen x

  12. Wow, how totally cool! Er, am I dating myself by saying cool? Or has it come back into vogue again? Oh well, anyway, I love how that wrought iron fence looked with those cute poppies. And you even raised money with them to boot! I would never have thought to make my little crocheted flowers with red and black so they looked like poppies... oooo, I feel a crocheting moment coming on... LOL!
    Hugs and enjoy the rest of the weekend,
    Beth P
    WOYWW #73

  13. Hi Dianna,

    What a great idea! They look wonderful on the fencing; so bright and happy. A great remembrance and fund raiser. They look crocheted, are they? I really need to teach myself..... of course, You Tube would be a great benefit!

    I knew it would be through the weekend before I was able to visit desks. Better late than never!

    Happy belated WOYWW

  14. Hi Diana
    what a fabulous display of poppies, well done you and the rest of your group ...cant have too many poppies at this time of the year.

  15. I love your poppies. What a beautiful (and fun) tribute for Remembrance Day.