Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Vintage Moths and Yarn Cards

On my desk this week are some lovely vintage yarn cards I found at an antiques fair recently.  I had to get them as they were perfect for my ongoing project of Decay and Repair.   I love the delicate mint green colour and I knew I had some similar coloured moths in my collection.  

I'm linking up with What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday, why not pop over and have a look at what other people have on their desks this week.


  1. How lovely! The vintage yarn cards and the moths are so beautiful together! It's fun to see how things were packaged years ago. I think it was a more beautiful presentation then we get now. Have a great week, Diana!

  2. You could make a printable from this! It is stunning. #3

  3. Wow, beautiful! I love those delicate colours! The moths look real! What are they made of (please don't tell me they are real, LOL!) Happy WOYWW! zsuza @ InkyDinkyDoodle #41

  4. Beautiful, soft vintage obviously have a good colour be able to see those labels and know that you have stash at home in the very same colours. I can do that too :-) As Belinda says, they'd make great printables!
    Hugs LLJ 25 xx

  5. Beautiful colours and beautiful images . You have such a good 'eye' for beautiful things Diana.

  6. Oh that is beautiful! Lovely soft green colour. 'For darning' it says on the card. People don't darn any more nowadays. I'm thankful we don't need to as we can just buy new socks.
    I think the months are real, if not, they look very life like. (Your love of moths is in your profile).
    Thanks for visiting me earlier,
    Have a great week,

  7. Those colors are delicious! What a beautiful design for your theme. Thanks so much for your sweet visit too. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #54

  8. I love this series you are doing, Diana. Such gorgeous delicate colours and such a beautiful theme. I particularly love this one! I have some cards of thread like this, which I've kept over the years - I should use them for art!

    Thanks for your lovely comment - I am using the same tiger painting because it's what I want, and it will save time not having to paint it again - I have edited the photo of the original artwork to fit the page. The tigers page will be up in a couple of days, and I think you'll understand when you see it, why it's so important to me! I've enjoyed doing that section more than any of the others, except possibly the Scottish one! Still a lot to do to finish it in time but I'm determined to do it.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #33

  9. The colours are gorgeous - perfect for these delicate creatures. Have a great week, Chris # 8

  10. Wow, those were somehow meant to come together - so beautiful and soft. I love that yard card, I have some but they aren't nearly as lovely with such delicate perfectly wound thread. Your beautiful moth collection, and that eye of yours, comes through again!

  11. What a fantastic find Diana and so beautifully displayed
    Lynn x

  12. Beautiful. I too love the series but did I miss what you are doing with them, how you are displaying them? This one is particularly beautiful. Vintage packaging is so much nicer than modern, isn't it? No plastic in sight...
    Late again - darn that Blogger!

    Happy happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (16)

  13. Interesting juxtaposition of elements. {Ironic for the poor moths too} Stunning to look at, very pretty. Keep smiling and creating

  14. Hi Diana,

    The moths are absolutely beautiful! I love how you've displayed them and the vintage feel. VERY cool. I need to find a collection of butterflies in the thrift store.

    I've had my Thanksgiving meal so it was a perfect time to visit desks - either that or take a nap!!

    Thank you for visiting me already! Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (21)

  15. Gorgeous! Love the textures and delicate colours.

    Karen x

  16. Hi Diana
    Goodness but don't those threads and moths blend together so well.... Very restful as usual
    Thanks for the visit ... I have finished to scarf for erin now and will give it to her tomorrow
    Janet @20

  17. Thank you for such a lovely comment on my blog, Diana, and I'm glad you like my tiger pages! Actually you are quite right - the picture IS a photo and not my painting - it's just a photo OF my painting lol! There seemed very little point in painting it again, and with the photo I was able to edit it to the correct size to fit the page. I am so thrilled with my pan pastels which I have at last broken out of their box and started using - wonderful for distressing and blending out unwanted backgrounds!

    I do hope my niece with appreciate the book - she knows nothing about art so won't be aware of the time involved in such a project, but it's not important. It's the contents that I hope will bless her for years to come. I am going to put some details at the back of the book, describing how it was created and what materials were used - even if she isn't that interested in that side of things, others who see it may be.

    Off to do a bit more before bed!


  18. Now that is a great way to use the yarn cards, what a marvellous series addition this makes, you really have the eye for this!

  19. WOW that's a great way to use the yarn. The delicate colours match really well with the moths. Thank you for popping over to my blog - Anita #46

  20. Oh. My. Everything about this is so, so beautiful. The photos, the "pale laurel green," the lovely simplicity of the vintage packaging ... and those moths. ::gasp::


  21. Such beautiful soft colors. I love it.