Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Tree Houses

 I've been gently getting back into a creative frame of mind, and messing about with tree houses!
I've always loved them, ever since Peter and Jane had one in a Ladybird book when I was a child - anyone remember?!  I yearned for one, to no avail - we didn't have a tree for a start - but they still hold a real fascination for me. 

I've just been down memory lane and found the original image on Google - I remember in my tree house I wanted an easel in the corner so the wood grain wouldn't show through the paper, as I'm sure it must have done on Peter's drawing - I was pernickety even back then!   

I'm linking up with Julia this week over at WOYWW


  1. Wow, Diana, those are miniature works of art..I love all the detail of the wire, embroidery and beads. Genius!! And I spent half my childhood up a tree and would have loved a treehouse, but it wasn't to be. When I was at Chelsea flower show a few years back there was a very upmarket company making bespoke treehouses, complete with winch for lowering your champagne down into the river below to chill. First world problems huh?! Lol
    Hugs, LLJ 3 xxx

  2. What amazing work! I love the way that you have houses in trees, all using another house as the background. My younger brother learnt to read with Peter and Jane, so I remember all the books. Sarah #26

  3. Lovely projects shared today - loving your watermark siggie too

    Happy WOYWW


  4. I love the combination of that bright Springlike green and the copper. Gorgeous work as always. There were two fields behind our house and a fantastic tree house in the tree at the bottom. We had so much fun there as children.

    Fiona #27

  5. WOW, just beautiful little works of art. Thanks for sharing. Have you ever submitted your projects to Stampington for publication? These are something that belong there! The details are awesome. Enjoy a wonderful week.

  6. Hi Diana. These are gorgeous - and I love the fact that they are mirrored by the shape of the backing. Peter and Jane - golly, takes me back somewhat!! My kids grew up with that...
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #6

  7. Lovely to have you back Diana! Your tree houses are so whimsical - there's one thing I love more than tree houses and that's beach huts! Love that vintage image - but how did they put the dog up there? I don't think he would have been able to climb the ladder that high - and how is he going to get down? Maybe I'm just being "pernickety" too (I had to look up that word LOL!) Enjoy your week! zsuzsa #22

  8. As a child my sole pastime besides swimming and bike riding was building and rebuilding tree houses. Just as soon as we would get it built, I would have a greater vision and we would destruct and recreate. They were quite grand in the end! These little collages truly speak to my heart. I am in love with them completely! Thanks for these sweet memories. Hugs, Autumn

  9. Stunning! I really want to reach out and touch them.

    Sharon K #34

  10. They are so wonderful , love the fresh green spring tone you used, with the nature colors, and the mix of stamps, and crochet , so fun and sweet Diana- Hugs ,Dorthe

  11. That gave me a little chuckle and also a wow popped out at your fine work Diana. You pick some wonderful themes
    Lynn xxx 11

  12. Divine tree houses so gentle and spring like. I too remember Janet and John books and it was great to see the original inspiration too. My paper wreath looks like it was cut by a machine as it is all one piece. Thanks for visiting me BJ#29

  13. I love those houses! thanks for your visit. Helen #2

  14. So good to see a post from you! And what a way to start back up - I absolutely love these! I always thought tree houses seemed magical, and never had one myself either (although I never got as far as fantasizing where I'd put my easel, I gotta say!) These are just wonderful - the delicate wire work to create the ladder, and the little wire house that looks like a cabin are my favorites.

  15. Hi Diane, such delicate, intricate pieces. Lovely. I too thought the MISTI was a ridiculous price, so glad I didn't get one now. I've pre -ordered my Tonic one now. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #5 XxXx

  16. Diana, these little tree houses are absolutely charming - so delicate, and quirky, too! I particularly like the one with little trees inside it. I remember the Ladybird books, of course, but not that particular one. I wonder how the dog got up the ladder? Lol!

    Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm glad you are enjoying my Infusions experiments. I love the variety of subtle colours they produce. I do hope you'll have another go with them! As for Phoebe, she's eaten a small supper and seems to be OK at the moment but obviously we are monitoring her and hoping that the vet is wrong. I was in tears this a.m. before she ate her hearty breakfast! She's sitting beside me on the arm of the chair at the moment. It's touching that your little Guinea is missing his brother. When Beatrice's sister Bella was killed on the road, Beatrice sat by the cat flap for two solid days waiting for her to come back, and it broke me up completely. How can people say animals don't have feelings? The damp expert is coming at 9 tomorrow morning and I hope he won't say the whole house has got to come down! As for pantries, when I read what you said about crochet edges for the shelves, I thought "YES!!" till I remembered just how many little shelves I want all round... and my heart failed at the first hurdle - I'd be crocheting till Kingdom come, I think! What I'd really love at the back is a proper slate slab like my mum had - keeps things beautifully cool, and I find the fridge is never big enough! I shall have to put out some feelers for that one I think.

    I agree about the Misti - I had a look at that - far too expensive! and then found the TH one and I'm so glad that I decided to pre-order that! Can't wait for it to come.

    Hope you are getting on OK and feeling well. It's so great to be feeling better at last.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x

  17. Love the tree houses. Such great colors.
    April #32

  18. Oh, yes - I remember the Peter and Jane treehouse very well. But even then I can recall being miffed that he got to paint while she had to get the food ready!

    Your little "tree" houses are utterly charming. I love the bright colours - so cheerful for spring - and the wonderful way you combine fabric textures with the wire and stamping. Beautiful work.
    Alison x

  19. Gorgeous little houses Diana, they're so sweet. Yes I remember the book, have you seen the new Ladybird books for adults? Thanks for the visit to mine and happy belated woyww, Angela x16x

    1. Yes I have seen the new Ladybird books - aren't they hilarious - I had to be dragged out of Waterstones, I was laughing so much!
      Diana x

  20. Completely and utterly fallen in love with your tree houses!!!