Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Flower Casting

After a couple of not so good weeks I'm on the up 
and have been doing a little more flower casting to try and lift the spirits 
and improve my techniques!  
You can see my first attempts here.

 Brambles, Angelica, Chives and Heuchera.

Freesias and Heuchera  

A little Welsh Poppy.

A coat of grey paint, but I think I preferred it white!

The dining room table has been my desk during lock down, and here are some more castings waiting to be sanded, sealed and in some cases have a little colour added if they need a little more definition.  

I'm linking up with Julia over at WOYWW this week.


  1. Those castings are absolutely gorgeous and speak to me on many levels - they remind me of the Abyssinian friezes in the BM. The first pic especially I think is beautiful - you are a clever gal.Hope you're feeling better now, it's a strange time and affects us all.
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  2. These are so gorgeous. I absolutely love this technique. I saw a lady making them at Crafts In The Pen in Skipton last Autumn and stood for ages admiring them. There are so many talented artists out there.
    Hope you are feeling ok, it affects us all in funny ways, this strange world we are living in, you are not on your own.
    Take care
    Hugs Lisax #17

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! there is no other word for them. Pleased to hear you feeling better too. Sending gentle hugs and wishing you a happy and productive WOYWW, Angela x15x

  4. Glad you are feeling better - what strange times we are in. I am usually a very positive person but there have been times when I have felt at a loss. Crafting has definitely helped keep me focussed. Your castings are so wonderful - each one is a little treasure. xx Jo #13

  5. So happy you are feeling much better and crafting has once again come to the rescue. I think it helps so many people as what craft they do. I remember cake icing took my mind off troubled times years ago and I lost myself doing it.
    your plaques are absolutely stunning. I love freesia, mum bought me two bunches every birthday, it became a kind of ritual so they mean a lot to me but I think of them as being so delicate so I just don't know how you managed to use them like this. Wonderful! You are so talented in so many areas, wish we could meet some day.
    hugs, Neet 11 xx

  6. Hi Diana So glad you are feeling up to doing these again. They are really lovely - well done!
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  7. Hi Diana, so pleased to hear you are on the up, this time has affected us all in so many ways. Love your pieces,they are so beautiful, they seem so ethereal. Stay safe, have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 X

  8. Ohh wow - they are so lovely . I am sure I would get another colour on them and mess - Thanks for the visit, sorry I am late getting round . Have a fab week. soojay xxthem up .

  9. Oh Wow! Must Google this! Your castings are fabulous. Sorry to hear you have not been too good, moods are very difficult to explain sometimes. Seeing a robin always gives me a lift or a butterfly, but chocolate beats everything! Seriously it is hard to explain sometimes, sending love x Angela #25

  10. These are silent and ethereal and quite beautiful. I would happily have you make my next wall tiles...??!! This lockdown situation has caught all of us out in terms of mood, motivation or anxiety, am glad to read that you’ve come through a’s just a phase and hey, just like Hillary Clinton, you’re ‘Living History’!

  11. Your flower castings are absolutely fabulous, Diana. I can definitely see them incorporated into a plaster wall - I saw something like it once going up a staircase but I can't remember which grand house it was now. The plaster is brilliant for picking up the smallest detail, isn't it. What do you seal them with?

    Thank you for your visit. Yes, I'm definitely optimistic that they can sort my bladder problems out. It's really more of an inconvenience than a real problem but she said that unaddressed, it could get worse because my bladder would get too stretched. I'm so glad you like our garden - like you, I adore the ferns and I'm so glad we've got that wild bank which they grow on, and which has so many primroses and violets too. It's only quite a small garden but there's so much interest in it, with the different levels. We really love the bright colours of the bedding plants in the patio and along the bottom path! I got my hubby to photograph me as a vision in purple against the buddleia! I do love purple (in case you hadn't noticed!!).

    I got through all my food preparations sooner than I thought so I'm now catching up on a bit of WOYWW with my feet up and Lily on my legs.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #9

  12. These are so lovely Diana, right up my street!! I have some similar (but a bit more like fossils) fern pictures in my kitchen. So clever. Thanks for your visit and lovely comments. Stay well, stay safe, Cindy #23

  13. what fabulous results! I've never tried this, but it looks amazing. thanks for visiting. and keeping things crossed - given they couldn't really see any major cause when I was in hospital I am hopeful it was just "one of those things" !! have a good week - glad things are improving for you. Helen #2

  14. These are so unique Diana. You have a wonderful way of working in different techniques. I’m glad you’re on your way back up xxx

  15. Good to read you are getting back on top of things please take care of yourself. It's wonderful to see your work space, your flower cast are amazing. Do you cast the base as well? I love them in any colour.. sigh* Happy WoywW Hugs Tracey #12 xx

  16. Wow Diana I am blown away by those beautiful castings. They have come out so well! Stay safe and happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #1

  17. So pleased to hear you are feeling on the up. Was you know I always admire your beautiful art and doubly admire you for persevering when it is hard to find motivation. Take care of yourself.
    Sandra de

  18. Oh so gorgeous. Love all the things you create. Hoping you are on your way to better health. WILD WORLD. I did not post this week, not sure but dealing with possible kidney stone, better but sore. We are fortunate to enjoy our crafty spirit, Best Wishes.

  19. Hope they lifted your spirits, they sure lifted mine. It can be quite a pickle right now, up one minute and down the next. Hugs BJ#24

  20. These are gorgeous... I must show my daughter as we might have our next project!
    Happy Crafting...Susan #8

  21. Wowzah, what a wonderful technique, I love these! Thanks for your visit to my blog, have a great week dear one, stay safe! Big hug from the Netherlands! Marit #20

  22. Dear Diana, I`m sorry you have had a bad time, and hope all is better now. Your cast of flowers are so amazing , they are each little masterpieces . Also cosy to see your workspace . My daughter and grandkids left us after having spend vacation here on the island with us- so I have also been a little down.
    All the best to you, and hugs from me , xoxo

  23. What a nice Animal tag you made! I love cats of all kinds. :)
    You have managed to create very nicely since last time.
    Thank you for visiting my site earlier. That it was so many weeks since I was online ... thought it was yesterday ...
    Have a great summer day!

  24. This is fascinating Diana! Leave it to you to come up with something new and amazing again! Things are crazy right now and I haven't been here much, but was dying to see what you've been up to.