Tuesday, 12 June 2012


This week's theme for Tag Tuesday is camping, and it has brought back lots of many happy childhood memories.  Every year my parents took us camping and to be honest I don't know how they did it!  We had all our stuff piled high on the roof rack of our old Morris Oxford car and my sister and I sitting in the back on the pillows and sleeping bags (no child booster seats back then!).  We were often huddled into the tent while it was lashing with rain and our poor mum would be trying to stop us bickering and getting bored.  
I have never wanted to go camping as an adult, but I still look back through rose-tinted specs at our childhood holidays!!!

Here is this weeks camping-inspired tag and below is an old photo from the '60's of one of our camping trips.

Aah, happy memories!


  1. Great tag! I love your color palette as always. I'm not the camping sort, my favorite outdoors excursions are into gardens, though I used to be more rugged as a child. Lovely to see your memories visualized!

  2. Oh I love your tag.... it bought back sweet happy memories

    I swear my parents had the exact same tent!!!! Inside two double sized 'rooms' that zipped up.

    When ever I zip up my laundry basket it reminds me of camping and I can still smell the smell of the tent!!!!

    We went camping a few times to a ready errected tent in France when our children were small but now I need plumbed in facilities!!!!

    Sorry to go on!



  3. I love your tag as always. It's great the way different themes evoke our memories and feelings. Your pic is great. That tent is the height of luxury compared to my memories of camping as a child. I remember sleeping in my dad's work van at a campsite in the Lake District. Now that's what you call roughing it.

  4. When I stamped and scrapped one of the favorite things I did was tags...I just may have to get back into it...eventho they are small, they are brilliant. Love yours today!!

  5. Diana that camping photo just rips my heart out. What a lovely lovely shot and memory. I am very impressed with the set up. Those logs all snugly providing a foundation for the 'outdoor' patio under the tent flap. Awesome shot. *smiles* Norma

  6. Diana, your memories are so like mine - except I didn't really enjoy it that much!! The memory of rain spit-spit-spitting into the frying pan over the Primus stove is forever etched in my mind - it did seem to rain a lot! And we always seemed to get earwigs in the tent - no integrated ground sheets in those days lol! I love your tag - lots of depth in it, and the tent reminds me much more of our camping holidays than the one in your photograph which looks far more luxurious! We had no fly sheets and certainly no windows - like Fuzzie we certainly did rough it!!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm glad you like my dad's steampunk birthday card. As for my techniques, it's as much for my benefit as for anyone else's - I often go back to previous posts to see how I did something! If it helps and inspires others, I am doubly pleased! Man cards can be difficult but if the man has lots of interests like my dad, it's not so bad - he loves clocks and music in equal measure so lots of scope.


  7. Oh my gosh, memories came flooding back! That picture could be straight out of one of our family photo albums. I loved it as a kid (mostly), we didn't care as much back then about being dirty or plumbing! But what a job for the Moms, the packing, the cooking, keeping things organized. Looking back it's hard to imagine it could have been very relaxing!

    The lake we went to eventually had real toilets with electricity in them. My Dad would traipse over to them with his blender full of daquiri ingredients - blend them up in the bathroom, then bring it back to camp! Good times...

    Obviously I love your tag!

  8. I love this tag! I can't wait til my little one is old enough to enjoy camping too!