Wednesday, 12 June 2013


For WOYWW this week my desk is covered in gelli prints I made for the new Summer of Colour 2013.  The colour theme for this week is Citron green and Turquoise.  I didn't know where to begin on this so I've printed some backgrounds and started playing - I thought that might be a good way to find a starting point - and I'll see where I end up!   

Also this week I have been taking part in the new Index Card a Day challenge (ICAD), over at Daisy Yellow.
My idea for the cards started with this gorgeous fern that I planted in the garden last summer while in the throws of the Summer of Colour 2012 - it helped feed my obsession with pollen and spores!

It has settled in to the garden beautifully and is looking very lush and quite spectacular - so of course it had to be photographed!  I used the 'design' of it to hand carve a stamp, which became the basis for the 7 index cards. 


  1. Lovely to see where your inspiration comes from :) I love that fern leaf! I will check out the challenge as well :)

    Uniflame - 71

  2. Wow what stunning work, I just love those index cards. Happy WOYWW, Sharon #76

  3. Lovely stamp you made. Gotta love those ferns. I have a few of those as well in my garden and they are always a joy to look at. I love how they unfurl from tiny little buds into those glorious leaves.
    Happy WOYWW xx

  4. I don't think C and H Fabrics knew what had hit it on Monday! It was like WOYWW crop 3!!! It was a meeting of the J's...Julia, Jan, Janet and Jane! Janet sold me some clips that apparently I can't do without (!) and I bought some more yarn to do crochet blankets with so we didn't just stand there and gas! I tried to encourage Jane to become a WOYWWer but no luck ;-)
    That fern leaf is beautiful, the patterns are amazing. I love the black fern print with the green dots....that's just gorgeous. Figurative stuff does nothing for me whereas patterns/abstracts really float my boat. That's why I admire your work so much, including the photo mosaics..simply great stuff!
    Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

  5. Your work is simply amazing, one looks closer at your work , it encourages us to look closer at the natural world.

  6. Your work is amazing. love all the nature inspiration. Happy crafting #7

  7. wow those index cards are amazing I love it that you show where your art starts and where it finishes thanks for sharing
    Happy WOYWW and I hope you have a great week
    Ria #42

  8. Wow. That is all so lovely. Your work really shows your inspiration. Thanks for stopping by earlier and commenting on the photos. I love to take pictures of creation - you can usually find me grovelling around on the floor of some garden or path!! I enjoy macro work - but ony had a 28 -100mm lens with me - so couldn't do too much grovelling...another visit is called for.
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #67

  9. Nice to peek in at your studio . . . i do love the colors Blue/Green together!

  10. What wonderfully detailed index cards... I love the stamp you carved (I must try this again - on my first attempt I gave myself a quite nasty cut and it put me off!!!)

    Ferns are another of my favourite plants .... they are so elegant - your is looking lush indeed.

    Karen x

  11. So gorgeous - don't know where to begin. That stamp is fabulous - you could market and sell it! And the cards, such fantastic detail. The 5th and 6th were my favorite from further back, but after looking at the amazing detail in the closeups I wouldn't be able to pick.

  12. They are fantastic and you made the stamp yourself, so clever. The colours are beautiful.
    Have ag reat week.
    Von #21

  13. Wonderful stamp you've made and what great inspiration from the fern. Hugs. Pam#26

  14. I'm going back for another look Diana your creations are wonderful. You have such a talent. Well done I'm blown away by your cards
    Lynn 67

  15. fabulous pieces on here, and I love the fern photo. Love the Index card idea- have to go explore what thats about. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #36xxx