Monday, 31 August 2015

Night Garden and Paper Artsy Challenge - Circles

For the Paper Artsy challenge I decided to continue my work on the garden at night and do a page in my sketchbook using circles as the starting point.  


I was inspired by the beautiful box decorated by Julie Ann Lee, who used text within circles.  I used Paynes grey and metallic gold acryllic paint with black texture paste and rubber stamping.  The flower image is cut from an old Royal Horticultural Society diary that I couldn't bear to throw away as I knew I'd use the beautiful flowers one day! 


  1. What a beautiful journal page! I love circles and I love the way you've used them. That flower is gorgeous! Have a great week, Diana!

  2. The text does look just perfect in the circles! The whole composition is so satisfying Diana! I also like that the flowers are a drawing not a photograph! love your colours and the joy of the piece! xx

  3. Lovely project! Your blue is just fantastic, and I love the script in the circles, with the colors you've used! The red just makes the entire piece pop. I love how your garden continues to inspire you throughout the seasons, and the times of day.... wonderful! xx Lynn

  4. Great use of circles, the beautiful text combined with Passion flowers is inspired! Ruth x

  5. Another stunning piece, Diana! A lovely way to use the calendar flowers and I love circles too! Your garden continues to be a source of great inspiration, doesn't it. One day you should put all your garden pieces together in book form!


  6. I agree with Shoshi and wouldn't that be a fabulous thing to own.
    I have many wishes on my list and one of them is to see a collection of your work Disna
    Lynn xx