Saturday, 12 May 2012


I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Shoshi at who has so kindly written a piece about my blog.  She is a very talented artist  and if you want inspiration or simply to mooch around an interesting blog, this is the place to go!
It's a wonderful feeling knowing that the work we do is enjoyed and appreciated by others, so while I'm at it I would also like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who leaves such kind and positive comments on my work.
Every comment is totally appreciated and they quite often encourage and spur me on when inspiration is running low!!!


  1. I am so glad she did make that post, because it meant I found your blog! I've just scrolled back through several posts and I love your work. There was so much I could have said I didn't know where to start commenting, so I'll save that for your future posts - but the pollen tags were amazing and I love the glimpses into your sketchbook. (I've recently begun my first sketchbook).

    1. Carolyn, I am so glad you found Diana via my blog! That's what it's all about, isn't it. She does awesome work, doesn't she!!

      I have tried to respond to your own lovely comments on my blog but when I click on your link it takes me to Google+ and not to a blog - I'm still a bit in the dark as to how Google+ works, and haven't been able to find a way to respond yet. So I'm doing it here till I learn how to do it!! I am so loving your work, too - amazing!!


  2. Thank you Diana for your lovely response!!! I am touched that you have linked to my blog, and for your kind comments about my art - although I do feel very flattered about that because your work is just soooo much more amazing than mine - you are a real professional!! I just felt that you aren't getting nearly enough recognition for your amazing talents.

    I think we all need to do this more often, to encourage and build each other up. Blogging is an amazing way to do this. I used to do it more when I first started, and it's reminded me to start again. After all, networking is one of the best things that the Internet does!


  3. Ooops - PS Diana - meant to mention your positive response to my M.E. piece too - thank you very much. It's high time everybody became better informed about this illness because for too long, people have suffered from the ignorance, obfuscation and downright misinformation of those who should know better!!


  4. Blogland is wonderful......

    It's a pleasure to visit your blog :)


  5. I always find something of interest in your blog Diana and real inspiration, so I am happy that you have received recognition.
    I'll nip over to Shoshi's blog now for a peep.
    Have a lovely weekend
    One I made earlier today