Wednesday, 23 May 2012

WOYWW #155

It's time for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday again, and on mine this week is my new-ish glue gun that I use for wax.  I often include wax seals on work and I have a collection of seals and metal buttons that I use to decorate and personalise cards and art.  After many years of using matches and the old fashioned sealing wax I found some wax in thin sticks and a mini glue gun that takes them.  The wax comes in many colours and I particularly like the copper, gold and pewter, but the red I find a little bright compared to the old fashioned stuff.   

This week's subject for Tag Tuesday was Found Objects.  For the tag I used a pair of antique spectacles found when clearing my late father-in-laws loft, a background text from an old letter, and I added a feather and a pen nib and completed the tag with a gold wax seal of a fleur de lys.


  1. You did a great job on this weeks tag Diana.
    Lynn 48
    One I made earlier today

  2. What a great way to use the spectacles and I love the way you have used the text just behind the lenses. You have reminded me that I have a stick of wax and a seal that I had from when I did a calligraphy course, using a heat gun to heat the wax is a great idea.

  3. ...I just knew your blog would show me beautiful things, loVe the idea using leaving a wax seal within your workings, your Tag is loVely a real treat...have a fabby day...Mel :) #21

  4. Love the idea of the wax in the gun, and the text behind the glasses works wonderfully.
    Carolyn #100

  5. A stunning tag and a desk full of goodies!, how fan hugs trace x 35

  6. Just a nosy novice passing through here ;)
    I'm fascinated by all the paraphernalia used in the making of your art. Amazing! :D

  7. lovely tag! and i've always wondered about wax seals so i loved your share on it.
    have a happy week :)
    france #79 xx

  8. Wow! You are so clever, thinking of using a hot glue gun! When I was a kid I loved the idea of sealing wax, but I never got good results with the match-and-hurry-up method. I might have to give it another chance with your idea.

    The tag is beautiful. I love the clear printed text in the lenses of the glasses, and the cluster of feather, nib, and wax in the corner is lovely!

  9. LOVE that tag! love those specs! Trish #51

  10. superb tag,love how you used the glasses and script
    thanks for visiting me
    have a fab woyww
    kay #33

  11. LOVE your tag, as always. I'm so jealous that you found a stash of old eyeglasses, that is just fabulous... I love the masculine, old timey male library feeling of the tag. And a hot wax gun?? Be still my heart...

  12. That tag is so clever, I love the way you put the words in the glasses. What a great idea with the wax, amazing what they make these days.
    Have a great week.
    Von #22

  13. Fabulous tag.. what a fantasic idea to use the glasses with the words... Brillant creation... Hugs May x x x#30

  14. Fantastic. I've never tried wax seals but yours look so inspiring I may have to get some. Take care & enjoy WOYWW, hoping your Thursday is a lovely one! Zo xx 80

  15. How fun!! You've reminded me of MY sealing wax and seals!! (thank you!) LOVE your tag - just fabby!

    Jeannie #75

  16. I adore that tag - how clever to just have the text in the spectacle lenses, brilliant idea :)
    Hugs, LLJ #57 xx

  17. Oh Diana, that is gorgeous... I've never used sealing wax in any projects, but it's very decorative, and the seals are all so beautiful, too. I love what you've done with the old-fashioned spectacles, to make a most unusual tag. Also, I've never heard of anyone using a glue gun for wax, which sounds a wonderful idea.

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. We had a lovely day out at the museum in Exeter although I ran out of steam not long after lunch so we didn't stay all day. The weather is waaaay to hot for me which doesn't help... Anyway, we had a lovely anniversary and enjoyed the day out together.

    I am glad you enjoyed my hubby's card! He liked it very much, which I am pleased about. I told him there were lots of different techniques in it. I haven't done much with gilding flakes but really like this "variegated green" colour. I've got some gold, and some variegated copper, I think. I laughed out loud at your experience with the ceiling fan!!! ROFL!! You've only got to sneeze and that stuff goes eeeeverywhere and impossible to clear up! Reminds me that I cut an A4 acetate stencil not long ago on my Cougar, with dozens of small circles, and I am STILL finding small circles on the floor, despite Wonderwoman's cleaning efforts week by week on my behalf lol!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #133

  18. Lucky you finding wax sticks that fit a glue gun. Love the Pince Nez on the tag. I have a pair from a rellies attic.
    Have a great weekend

  19. Love your tag. As for the wax in a glue gun what an awesome idea, I would never thought of it. Must give it a go.

    Eliza #49

  20. Fantastic tag.....

    I want to play with a glue gun!!!

    I love your wax seals :)