Wednesday, 2 May 2012


This week I was moaning about the fact that my reels of washi tape were bursting out of the box they were in and the lid wouldn't close.  So, my wonderful husband disappeared into his garage and came out with this tape holder - it fits perfectly on the top of my shelf units and under the sloping ceiling - he even left room for me to buy a few more reels of tape - but I don't think he realised that!

The over-sized teacup is from my favourite book store/coffee shop in San Diego.

   Still in the mood for getting organised I sorted all my plain ribbons onto a wire coat hanger - I was fed up with sorting through a box full of tangled mess each time I wanted ribbon.  It is rather big to live on the notice board so I shall have to find a home for it - but it's a lot easier to use like that!

The little tags on the board are covered in small pieces of lace, patterned ribbons, stickers and tapes that I have -it's a quick reminder of what is hidden away in the bottom of boxes, without having to rummage too much!

For Tag Tuesday this week I decided to stick with the theme of pollen, despite the subject being sewing!   
I printed pollen images onto silk and then sewed them onto tags (so I am being true to the theme!).  I decided on a white background so the pollen could 'float' around.

My current obsession by Rob Kesseler and Madeline Harley

I know a lot of people feel quite negative towards pollen as they suffer from it so badly during the summer.  I get terrible hay fever each year and I find it hard to believe that something that makes my life so horribly miserable can be so utterly beautiful!  What is so wondrous is that life is dependent on each of these exquisite little works of nature!

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  1. Youve got me hooked Diana I've sent for a book. Will have to sell a bit more stuff now to pay for it.
    The washI tape stand is brill. I have mine on one of my cake stands and that works really well. I think you've seen it on my blog.
    Love what you are doing with the pollen.
    Have a good WOYWW day. I'm off now to do some more charity bags, I've sold 9 so far
    Lynn 53
    One I made earlier today. X x x

  2. now that's the way to store washi tapes!
    and i love your tags - you can certainly see the book's influence - i love the colours, esp. :)

  3. Love your washi tape collection and your tags are brilliant, they have sewing on them, so you have complied.

    Eliza #19

  4. Hi Diana - I didn't know pollen was so pretty. Your tags are lovely. What a lovely husband and fab storage idea. WOYWW Hugs to you Helen 64

  5. I love to see how people organize their space; mine is always a work in progress! How sweet of your husband to make you a tape holder :)

    Your pollen tag is fab. I would never have thought to print the images on silk and stitch them and embroider over them. Lovely!

  6. ...gorgeous looking Tags, loVe the hand sewing too...and a very pretty hanging rainbow to brighten up your day...Mel :) #34

  7. Gorgeous tags, so much fine detail with the stitching, they look great :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a lovely week, hugs, Karen xx #12

  8. I love your pollen tags and what a good storage idea for your washi tapes your hubby sounds like a handy man to have around. Great idea for storing ribbons too.

  9. I have to force myself to use my washi tape! It makes a great decoration even when it's not being used! .... pat on the back for your OH :)

    Your tags are stunning.

  10. what a clever hubby you have
    have a fab crafty week and
    happy woyww
    kay #38

  11. I love how you organized your ribbons!

    Susan, nr 104 WOYWW

  12. Great job by your hubby, do you hire him out by any the way you have organised your ribbons. You are right, pollen is certainly beautiful to look at. Anne #44

  13. I have a case of Washi tape envy now - the storage and the actual collection... And were you looking over my shoulder the other day as I dug through the tangled mess of ribbon I keep in a little drawer? Never thought of a hanger...Plus it's pretty!

    Love your tags, as usual, the pollen is fascinating, and what a great idea to print on silk...

  14. Handy to have a hubby who thinks about things like tape holders hey mine painted my old mug holder this week and came in with it. :) Sandy #109

  15. Great storage ideas for the ribbon and the tapes - thanks for sharing - Hazel #10 x

  16. How nice of your hubs to do that. Love all the tape-

  17. Your ribbon display is fun. I love to have my things out, or I forget I have them, but ribbon..I've had to stow away, my 2 cats seem to love to entertain themselves with string things.

    in the wee hrs of the am, listening to a storm and playing catch up have a wonderful weekend.

  18. Ribbon ...even in boxes with tape on each roll is so somehow just gets all jumbled and unraveled no matter how hard one tries to contain it.... this is a great idea...


  19. I love your workspace, and the colourful ribbons and washi tape. The pollen tags are gorgeous - recently I made a zentangle drawing of a plankton which looked rather similar. So much beauty at the microscopic level - definitely has design possibilities!

    Sorry I missed this last week - I was out of action and didn't manage to do WOYWW.